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Facebook does a Foursquare with Facebook Places

Facebook has recently incorporated a location-tagging feature similar to the popular site Foursquare. With Facebook Places, you can broadcast your current location to your news feed and tag other people as well who are with you. Not a fan of it actually.

facebook places

Right now, the Places feature is only accessible via the updated Facebook iPhone app. I tried it on my iPod Touch but it’s currently not available in my region. Whew!

Of course, if you can tag your friends in Places, they can tag you as well and this might pose a problem if you just called in sick only to go out with your buddies and your boss can see your feed.

places privacy

Better adjust your privacy settings pronto if you don’t want your friends broadcasting your current location. Check out Lifehacker’s article on how to disable Facebook Places if you can’t figure it out yourself.

The feature sounds cute in theory but would you actually use Places once it becomes available to you?

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