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Facebook founder may be youngest self-made billionaire

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of social networking site Facebook, may be world’s youngest self-made billionaire according to Forbes in its recent list of billionaires. Forbes estimates Zuckerberg’s net worth at $1.5 billion which puts him at #785 on the list.

Mark Zuckerberg

Left school for Silicon Valley later in 2004; scored initial $500,000 investment from PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel. Venture firms soon swooned, among them Accel Partners and Greylock Partners.

Today Facebook boasts 66 million active users. Estimated annual sales: $150 million. Expanding beyond being a college-only message system and photo album; now courting users to 55,000 different high school, business and city networks. Microsoft bought 1.6% stake for $240 million last October; deal led many to suggest the company is worth $15 billion. {source}

Of course that $1.5 billion estimate was based on the Microsoft’s 1.6% buyout, but until Facebook goes public or gets bought, we’ll never really know if this geeky boy-genius will become the 21st century posterchild for Silicon Valley.

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  • Anyone who has what it takes to dream up and implement something as successful as Facebook should reap the rewards. Congratulations Mark!

  • whew! good for him! hehe… well, what i’m counting on in the philippines cyberspace is a fully pinoy-made-internet-tv. I know pelicola.tv is there but i want something that is in general, like a news website with a tv shows just like what cnet.com is doing. hehe well, am still so young so i can’t lead this crazy dream, but you guys…it’s on your hands. sana rin ma featured yung mga taong hindi masyadong sikat para magkaroon naman ng chance sumikat khit sa internet alng. haha like me! nyok^^,

    good work guys!

  • Ephraim

    im a no. fan of facebook, good to know its background from a young self made billionaire, pahinging balato, ang yaman mo!!

  • ran

  • zoanne kim

    im so proud of u…and i’ll be forever proud of u…you’re so great..