Facebook Messenger Kids Helps Parents Secure their Kids' Online Use

Messenger Kids App Set to Launch Soon

Because of today’s FOMO culture, people have more and more deeply immersed themselves into social media platforms like Facebook. As if keeping adults on the network wasn’t enough already, the company just announced Facebook Messenger Kids. With plans to launch the app in the United States first, Facebook plans on making it available only on iOS-powered Apple devices soon.

Of course, this concept may come off a little extreme to most adults, despite Facebook’s prevalence among them. Especially since the internet comes rife with possible threats to preteens, some might even disapprove.

A safe space for children

In an attempt to make a safer space for kids on the web, Facebook thus clarified how parents can strictly control each aspect of the new app. Through Kids Control Center, they can choose the people their kids can chat with, and the device the app will work on. This way, parents can approve older relatives to whom their children send texts, videos, and photos. On the other hand, adults receive messages through the regular Messenger app.

Parents can set the app up on their child’s iOS devices and authenticate it through their own Facebook username and password. Apart from the following features, Facebook also emphasizes how parents need not make an app for their children. Through Messenger Kids, rather, they can more easily communicate with each other.

Children themselves won’t be able to add anyone through the app, but can freely block people they feel uncomfortable talking to. Through the child’s Messenger Kids account, both parents and children can report any suspicious activity.¬† Messenger will then update parents through a push notification.

Facebook Launches Messenger Kids App

One difference between Messenger Kids and other third-party messaging apps is the approval process. For two children to connect, parents from both parties must approve it beforehand. That way, there is even more control over the contact list and who their child is interacting with.

Facebook claims no ads appearing in Messenger Kids, nor will the children’s information get used for ad purposes.


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