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Facebook now supports high-definition photos

Here’s what every Facebook user is waiting for, better photos. Facebook announced a couple of days ago through their blog that they we will be rolling out support for print-quality, high-resolution photos. And most of all, you don’t have to pay to use it.


Previously, the maximum size of photos in Facebook is 720 pixel on the largest edge. If you upload a photo with a higher resolution, it will resize it down making your gorgeous DSLR photo look like it’s been taken with a camphone. Anyhow, Facebook now supports up to 2048 pixels on the largest edge which is 8 times larger than the previous limitation. Of course, you can still allow Facebook to scale down your big photos if you want.

Facebook also utilizes a light box sort (dark frame around the picture) of viewer so you don’t have to go to a different page when viewing a photo.

Lots of exciting improvement in Photos for Facebook. Read the Facebook blog to know more.

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  • Finally, at least they are improving a lot. I really trust Facebook since then that they will offer new features each time. It only means they know that most people are easily get bored to the usual offerings and always strive for a new one. This signifies that Facebook is such an amazing site and ready to compete all the time.