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Fanny Wang 1000 Series, professional headphones with style

The Fanny Wang 1000 Series on-ear headphones combines superior sound quality with high-fashion. Claiming to boast of natural, thumping bass with crystal clear mids and highs, these headphones should be an ideal choice for those who want to experience optimal sound quality regardless of music genre.


This On Ear Wang Headphones utilize a tri-fold design making it easy to stash when not in use. Ear-cups are well-padded to keep your ears comfy over long period of use while blocking outside noise. The adjustable band should fit all head sizes while offering a stable and comfortable fit.

Its 40mm high performance titanium-plated drivers, should add heft to the bass line without drowning the mids and highs. It feature what they call the Duo Jack, which allows you to share your music with a friend via the in-line cable splitter. It’s also iPhone-ready with the Apple integrated remote.

The Fanny Wang 1000 series headphones come in black, white, orange, green and blue colors and retails for Php8,910.

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