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Field Report: Ynzal’s Annual Inventory Sale

It was a Friday when I got a text message that Ynzal (an Apple reseller and service center in the Quezon City area) was having its annual inventory sale from 18 to 20 December 2006 and they were posting their sale merchandise early Saturday evening.

With some money to burn, I eagerly anticipated their inventory that was posted a few hours late.

But they did not disappoint when it came to the magnitude of the sale.

There were some Macs going for as much as a 74% discount, a pre-owned Powerbook for as low as Php25,000.00 and iPod variants for as much as 40% off. It even generated so much buzz around our small PTB egroup…
I frequent the place because my office is about 200 meters away. And I was gunning for a memory upgrade for my MacBook to 1Gb at 63% discount. But I came in 30 minutes after they opened and a huge crowd already gathered.

Fortunately, the staff was friendly and attentive (unlike some other Apple resellers that have adopted the “snooty” attitude) and I quickly got what I wanted, despite the crowd. We even got these delicious fudge brownies as a Christmas gift (perhaps because we buy a lot of stuff there even on their regular days).

Anyway, I suggest you check out their inventory in their site. If you have been itching to own Apple products, now’s a good time to attempt getting one.

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  • Thanks for sharing!

    Now, who went to the Microwarehouse sale last week?

    I’m having Mac envy.

  • hmm i saw the ipod 80 gig in the pricelist for 18,800 which is 20% off, actually i saw one that was for 17k brand new rin in greenhills that was not on sale wala lang share ko lang.

    but nice items. kala ko banamn their selling the ipod for 350 usd and sale ng 20% hehehe hindi pala mahal rin pala benta ng reselers dito sa manila.

  • Better check the prices before you go to the sale. Some are misleading – see vance’s comment as an example.

    For example, we’re led to believe that the Intel Core Duo Mac Mini has an SRP of 40K + 12% VAT. However, the *real* SRP is 40K INCLUSIVE of VAT.

  • Hi Rom,
    Which Mac Mini is that? The two Core Duo Minis are 48,000 and 52,680.

    So, on the second day of the sale, they still got stuff… thought they would get wiped out.

    Are the Minis listed here a good buy? Or is the Core 2 Mini coming out soon?

  • there is no misleading info.. All mac resellers here in manila do have real high prices due to tax and shipping cost…

    of course, maganda sana na merong nagbebenta ng item on the real USD price pero impposible yun kasi mataas ang tax and shipping cost.

    so if you know somebody in us and you can pay in cash just ask them to buy it for you. wala lang makakatipid ka kasi eh.

  • Anyone got a chance to buy from the Microwarehouse Sale?

  • I work for a corporate sibling for Microwarehouse, but I still failed to get a Mac Mini. Some of my colleagues were able to buy.

    Even if we are in the same group of companies, we still had to line up and got the same price.