Fight spammers – Sign up at Blue Frog

Blue Security’s Blue Frog has an interesting defense against spammers.  If you constantly receive spam from a specific merchant, Blue Frog will bombard that spammer with email asking him to desist.

If you use Firefox, there even is an extension:

Your spam is analyzed by Blue Security experts that identify the web sites advertized by the spam you receive. The Blue Frog desktop application then proceeds to post complaints on those web sites by browsing them and filling forms they contain. Complaints are anonymous and do not reveal your identity.

Filtering spam is not enough. Blue Frog protects your email accounts or your entire mail domain by making spammers remove all Blue Community members from their mailing lists.

This release supports Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail but currently doesn’t support the new Yahoo! Mail Beta.

Blue Frog also works will all email clients.

Blue Security is currently under fire by a known spammer named PharmaMaster.  From Blue Security’s website:

Starting Monday, May 1st, the Blue Community has been the target of a criminal spammer. This criminal spammer, PharmaMaster, is attempting to deny our community the right to opt-out from his spam messages.

Aside from blackmail emails sent to community members, there were two separate attacks on Blue Security itself. The first attack was to block worldwide access to Blue Security’s corporate website ( by tampering with the Internet backbone using a technique called “Blackhole Filtering”. The Second attack was a DDoS attack on Blue Security’s operational system.

If spammers are worried about Blue Frog, then Blue Frog must be doing something right!  I’ve signed up and downloaded the application and the extension to give it a try.

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  • “Blue Frog will bombard that spammer with email asking him to desist..”

    so basically blue frog will spam spammers so they will stop..?

    talk about fighting fire with fire, hehe..

    eh whattabout those spammers using anonymous, bogus email addresses..?

  • i sign up with them a month ago, still gets email from unknown sources.

  • i don’t think this will solve our woes with spam.

    it will need vigilance on our part on not to disclose our email address to web sites we don’t know.

    on infrastructure point of view, a replacement or enhancement to SMTP and/or sendmail will also be required.

  • gonna try it. my email is always full of spam emails

  • It’s a good deal. Personally, I signed up with blue frog last month. The Pharmamaster thing really scared me hapless, but it’s simmering down now to 2 to 5 spam messages a day.

    It’s quite wonderful, really. The spammers get boomerang emailsx100, and get a taste of their own medicine.

  • I’ve been using blue security for quite some time and I’ve been busy the past few days supporting the blue security cause.

    Been hit by more spam due to pharmamaster but I’ve been saving all of these spam so I can report it back to blue frog…hehehe.

    I was able to find one russian spammer using the server (check out the actual headers in your email).

    Some quick programming and I’ve dumped 20,000 hate email responses to root at mail dot irramn dot ru

  • ive tried using this twice

    i dont know, i just dont like it.

  • jash

    Web attacks end anti-spam effort

    what now?

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    you once again.