Filipino Collaborative Blogs

Von Totaneshas written on his blog about Filipino collaborative blogs in his post.

He included Pinoy Tech Blog =)

What I like about collaborative blogs is that gives various groups a voice in the blogosphere. Aside from that, communities are also being formed in one way or another. The bloggers themselves form a collective and the blogs also invite people to participate in discussions on various matters that relate to them. In this blog’s case news, reviews, etc. on technology and the Filipino context. Sometimes there would be news that might not seem very relevant to us at the moment but they might inspire local developers and tech-entrepreneurs in such endeavors.

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  • Wow! This is cool. Von even mentions you as a highly tech-oriented librarian. Who says librarians can’t do tech? 🙂


  • Jangelo: Hahahaha. Ganun ba ako ka-tech-oriented, you think? 😛 Hindi naman masyado… Still a newbie. But I think it’s all about the mindset. People into tech stuff are learners, adventurers, methinks 😉

  • matindi tlga tong blog na to..