Filipino digital movies

Just this morning I was reading the editorial on inq7: Going Digital.

THREE PROPOSALS made last week by Vic Del Rosario, head of Viva Entertainment and presidential adviser on entertainment, may yet revive the country’s dying film industry. His proposals: give a five-year tax holiday for digital films, exempt from taxes all film-related raw materials and equipment and exempt local movies from amusement taxes for the next five years.

Next month is the Metro Manila Film Festival and I personally dread what the producers will be dishing out to the public. There has been a mix of interesting, good, boring and not-worth-one’s-time movies over the past few years. Some of them I watched for sheer curiosity, some because I was required as a student and some because my sister or mom wanted to watch them. We have been complaining that the movies being shown these days are too commercial, or they lack plots. It’s as if the movie outfits have been banking on the masa appeal of the stars there. How many teeny-bopper movies have been shown in the past two years? And it has been getting on my nerves how teen-age commuters (I overhear their conversations) gush over certain teen stars and how they’d love to watch their movies over and over. I have been lamenting the death of the movie industry and maybe Vic del Rosario has a point with what he’s suggesting.

We need to have films with not only big stars but also stories to tell, or something to leave behind in our minds. There are smaller movie outfits, independent film makers who would like to show us other things about our society with the stories they capture on film, or in digital format as in this case. And I am looking forward to watching more of them in the coming days.

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  • Krakista

    SM has just purchased 7 digital projectors.

  • Vince

    The movies lack meaningful plots and their solution is tax exemption for digital films. No wonder they’re in that state.

  • The right solution in three words: make better movies.

    Geez. Money isn’t always the issue. I’ve seen loads of indie films so much better than what our big-time movie companies have produced.

    (I have a blog entry about this somewhere… *dig*dig*… shucks. Can’t find it.)

  • Junk is junk in any medium. Let’s hope the lower cost of digital encourages studios to take risks.

  • It is true that junk in _any_ form is still junk.

    I have given this thought more and I think that what Vic del Rosario’s suggestion comes from a rather idealistic point of view that the indie producers would be able to play in a more level playing field, now that going digital lets them make quality movies. However, at the same time, there is still the ease of making bad quality movies. Which is sooo sad.

    I do hope that his optimistic view of the industry would indeed be backed up by more movie producers who would optimize the technology we have in order to create better movies.

  • It has been a long time since I enjoyed a Pinoy movie. If they are after the rating and not the quality, then they should better not produce any movies at all.

  • why isn’t anyone talking about the business sense of this proposal? I’m all for good filipino movies, but shouldn’t we read between the lines?
    Tax breaks will be for producers. What we need is quality films. See where the apples and oranges are?

    If you want better movies you will give tax breaks or a full tax exemption on the following

    1. Culturally Significant Films
    2. Historical Adaptations
    3. Social Realism, Political Satire (why tax freedom of expression) Of course I’m dreaming.
    4. Independent Films

    Now to discourage other films, increase or double the tax on the following:

    1. Bomba, softporn (aka every pinoy B movie) and sexy flick Films
    2. Films that don’t reach a minimum Rating

    Simple economics of floor and ceiling. Now why didn’t Vic propose that? Read between the lines.

  • Krakista

    There have been some good independent movies lately that have been unavailable to the mallrats. Cheaper production means these filmmakers need not appeal to the mass market’s taste and level just to make money.

  • G

    Btw, speaking of digital movies there is the first CG feauture film the Philippines. I gotta inside scoop. I will post details about it. The title is Hoodwinked.

  • Krakista

    Maximo Oliveros, which cost P800,000 to produce, has done well at the box office. On the other hand, Hari ng Sablay lived up to its name at the box office.

  • gigi

    im looking for old movies like sampaguita movies,when i was young i remember the movies like magic bakya this movie icant never forget i really enjoy but i cant seems to find it this days pls help also i notice a lot of pilipino movies are lacking of good acting compare it to good acting like sharon ,maricel acting is more than just a good looks.plssss tell those wanna be movie star to stop trying to sing or dancing were they have no talent of it i saw this sop show and most of this youngster tried to sing in group song, dance in group etc. etc if only u know ppl laughing bout it here were is simoen fr american idol when u need one !

  • hi gigi, please go to and click the Movies KoTo section, clink the Kabayan Movies section and it’ll take you to their homepage and hopefull see what ya lookin for (not good actors though but good movies)

    wow, helping people and advertising, that is one math wrencelot loves to do!

  • raquelli

    hi.. can anyone give me a list of pinoy indie films released commercially here in manila?


  • ai

    racquelli: Robinson’s Galleria has an Indie Cinema feature. Perhaps that’s a start. 🙂

  • ~We’re from the University of the Philippines Film Institute under Mr. Ramon Bautista. We’re looking for people out there to act for our independent short film.

    If you’re:

    -16-24 years old
    -willing to act
    -living in the Metro Manila area

    then contact me for more details. there are various ways of contacting me: (whichever will be convenient for you

    e-mail: [email protected]
    friendster: [email protected]
    cellphone: 09172462148
    landline: (02)4100215 (look for Lia)

    ~P.S. if possible, please send your picture. 🙂 Thanks. Hoping for your response.

  • nick

    good day- i am an avid fan of old pinoy movies – 30’s 40′ 50′ and 60’s era. anyone have a clue on how to locate copies of such old movies of yesteryears? i reckon we need to re-produce them on dvd for sale like casablanca, gone with the wind etc…

  • fhsantiago

    will anyone give me the history (or at least how it started) of indie films? comments on the deal about indie films are welcome on my email.
    here: [email protected]

  • Lovely Rivero

    More power to the digital film industry! Pls. continue making beautiful, sensible movies.

  • willy rosales

    had just seen joselito altarejo’s lalake sa parola and I am glad that, finally, a sensible gay movie has been produced.

  • vince

    hello just wanna ask if where can i watch indie films on the net? or even free downloads of it… just wanna ask as well if where can i find these full videos:
    lihim ni anthonio
    paru parong rosas
    lalake sa parola

    i love watching indie films coz thats the reality…


    just e-mail me at [email protected] thx

  • Zaido

    Phizvince…try IPMart, gayxscandal and miongxxx. Just google those titles. They might be able to help…

  • Rexieboy

    I’ve encountered this site over the net where they show Cinema One Filipino Indie Films on TFCnow. Good site. I’ve watched a couple of shows here and there as well. Watched Maling Akala and On The North Diversion Road. Here’s the link:

  • Michelle

    Magandang Gabi! Mayroon nang nakakaalam kung may pelikula o dokyu na ang paksa ay ang Quiapo at ang Black Nazarene? Paki email po sa akin kung mayroon. Maraming Salamat! (:

    email: [email protected]

  • ====>>> magandang gabi sna maulit yung palabas ni erich at enchong na paano ko sasabihin kasi diko poh napanuod eh request lang poh!!!!!!