Filipino-made Free and Open Source

The Philippine Linux Users Group (PLUG) maintains a list of Filipino-made Free and Open Source Software Index .

“As a service to the Philippine computing society, listed here are free and open source software that are authored, developed and/or maintained by Filipinos.” It includes everything from low-level OS components, to high-level applications.

One of them is a medical open source project, a finalist in Stockholm Challenge – a citizen/community oriented IT award. This is the Community Health Information Tracking System (CHITS).

Do you know of any more? Or do you want to write new code to add to the list?

PLUG is having its PLUG 2nd Quarterly Free Seminar Series on April 8. This is always free of charge. The topics:

  • Evaluating your IT Security Infrastructure using Metasploit and Nessus
  • Ruby on Rails
  • GPL 3.0
  • Technopreneurship
  • Localization and Internationalization
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  • Techno Pinoy raised a very good point there. I reposted it to the PLUG mailing list and I hope to get a reaction.

  • PoshNeya

    is it possible to put bayanihan on my pc together with xp? (dual boot) ive been looking for a linux distrubution and i would like to try it out.

  • mparaz, thanks. No wonder there was a stream of referrals from gmail!

  • Dear Techno Pinoy,

    you are right that those software on those list needs more innovation. Except the chicka software, I couldnt choose a single product worth downloading.

    While i know a few good programmers in Angeles city, there are few of them who really pursue their own software and sell it.

    The problem is that. its either they pursue being promoted and wait 20+ years or pursue going abroad.

  • please put the complete copy of filipino-made foss

  • rj

    There is a Filipino developer who created a Linux distribution for AMA who also created many open source applications.