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Filipinos don’t use phones for voice calls!

From the Guardian:

The Philippines has become the first country in the world where mobile users spend more on data services than on voice, according to a leading research company.

Marc Einstein, senior analyst at Pyramid Research, says that the average data revenue per subscription in the Philippines now stands at $3.90 (£2.08) a month, compared with $3.50 a month for voice – meaning that data accounts for 53% of the total.

This is why I believe that, instead of mimicking other social-networking sites, we should exercise our creative juices and brainstorm and come out with the next killer app that merges the internet with SMS.

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  • jgotangco

    Since wireless internet access (via GPRS or 3G) is much more affordable compared before, perhaps its also time that we look into it for mass consumption. Since most phones and simpacks already have internet settings enabled, maybe the next generation of data services locally can be used with such.

  • Or GPRS/3G for messaging. See: Mobile Messaging: Must Move Traffic off SMS.

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  • LJ enerva

    not really ,sometimestxting can also be already an inconcenience with delayed messages it seems moreunreliable. i use my phone for calls 95% of the time

  • hmm true.. im using my phone to record clips and take pics more often than making calls..