Filipinos get Recognition in APEC

Lemongreen SMS Appliance gets APEC recognition as an acclaimed small and medium enterprise practice for the APEC Digital Opportunity Center (ADOC) ICT Awards 2006. Lemongreen SMS Appliance extends the power of SMS technology by integrating it with your business. The Lemongreen SMS Appliance uses Shuttle xPC as its hardware component where the software, Aubrey SMS Gateway Server, is installed. The said software is developed in Java.

Key benefits of the Lemongreen SMS appliance

  • Option to plug it into your network infrastructure or let it work as a standalone server
  • fast implementation
  • customizable
  • low maintenance cost
  • GSM modem is not required
  • Support for GSM, GPRS, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • runs on any platform

SMS enabling your business is indeed practical here in the Philippines. Why? Simply because it is the World’s SMS capital. More so, it is much practical for businesses that require a lot of field work. And the only limitation that I can see with this technology is that when you do not have a signal and or you do not have a spare battery.

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  • I thought that this is Kannel-powered?

  • donvito

    No it’s not 😉 It’s developed purely in Java so it runs on any platform 🙂