Firefox 2.0 is Bon Echo Alpha 1

I’ve recently installed Bon Echo Alpha 1 (Firefox 2.0) to both my XP laptop and Mac Mini. Makes me wonder, are they going to change the Firefox branding? It has a new logo and probably a new name (if they’ll drop “Firefox” and just do a “Bon Echo v. 1” later on). I thought Firefox is a cool name.

Anyway, over the Easter holidays, I have thoroughly tested it on both OS. There’s not much difference over Firefox 1.5 series aside from being a better Mac-look-and-feel on a Mac OS X. But the best feature that I love is their adoptation of Safari’s close marks (x) being inside the tab. I think it’s most helpful when you have lots of tabs open and you’d like to close some without actually looking at the contents of each. All in all, Bon Echo is stable for an Alpha release. You can test it yourself. You don’t need to uninstall Firefox.

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  • ooooh, thats the update firefox keep asking me to install.. now that ive read this post, ill give it a shot.. with the firefox i am using it has a bug that dsnt permit my script for my new site to execute successfully.. its one of those stuffs that IE done wrongfully but turns out to be rightfully..

  • pinoytek

    I seriously doubt they’ll change the name… after building up such brand awareness for Firefox. I’ve been using 2.0a and I do not recommend moving yet to this alpha version, mainly because of (1) serious bookmarking problems and (2) incompatibility with the Yahoo! Mail beta. Besides, the memory leak issue isn’t fully resolved yet (at least that’s what I see)… I’m just too lazy to switch back to 1.5x right now.

  • nope, they will not change the name of their non-corporate browser. It’ll still be Firefox.

    “Bon Echo” is what we call “project name” 😉
    Alpha/Beta of Firefox 1.5 series had a different name, can’t remember it.

    Although I can say, there’s a 10% possibility they’ll change the name for version 2, but it won’t be “Bon Echo”. Version 2 will introduce lots of new technologies in their browser, and will be a great improvement over 1.5.x.x

    I’m not sure with the memory leaks, but like other testers and myself, there’s less memory leaks in Bon Echo than 1.5 final. In fact, there are less memory leaks with the beta version of FF 1.5 than 1.5 final :p

    Active Alpha and Beta tester ^_^

  • hey wait, i have a faster fox installed with my firefox.. does that mean firefox is also prefetching adlinks on a webpage i am viewing..? if it does, isnt that unfair to the publisher..? if it dnst, what the hell..?