Firefox bus

I felt a twinge of envy when I saw several pictures of the Firefox bus in India. I wonder if I would see one here in Manila. If not a bus, maybe a jeep?

I recall someone telling me that we humans are such visual creatures. Establishing brands could be done by bombarding us with all sorts of media. It could be print, visual or through songs (think of all the songs that give you the so-called last song syndrome). I recall reading about Internet cafe proprietors setting the IE icon as the icon for Firefox so that users would still click on it and use Firefox.

It is going to be one heck of day when I see a Firefox bus or jeep here. And I hope that I have a camera when I do. I better 😛

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  • exactly! visual is essential..

    unless firefox will pay me whenever someone touches my imaginary XRM and magically download a firefox installer, probably then..

  • Haha, ang galing!

    Maybe sometime in the future we can see a jeep with all those Web 2.0 logos on them,like flikr, technorati and digg.


  • Shinrai: Yup! It was kewl. And a jeep with Web 2.0 logos would be interesting indeed XD

    Wrencelot: Haha.

  • Does anyone think it’s just an imaginative .psd work?

  • Using the IE icon for Firefox is clever, .. I experienced this first hand in a remote internet cafe in Bula, Camarines Sur. (And the connection was fast too.)

  • jun.asis: IE icon for Firefox – well, it was to reassure people that they had a browser even if it wasn’t exactly IE. Reminds me of the way people call toothpaste Colgate and stuff like that.

    banksxs: If you read at all the comments, people were discussing if it was just some funky modified image.

  • pinoytek

    Sorry, but what’s the big deal with that bus? The story got dugged but hey, it’s novel and that’s it.

  • Personally, I don’t envy this gimmick. I find it in fact quite silly and over-the-top. Put it this way, assuming your driving and you do see a vehicle with the Firefox logo, what goes inside your mind and what are you going to do? “Gee, I think I’ll stop over to the internet cafe and give it a try?” And if you are a newbie and never heard of Firefox, what are you going to do—jot down the URL?

    If you want to promote firefox, the best way is to convince internet cafe owners to advertise it. Or better yet, make it their default browser.

    Also, I know that most of us setup PCs of our friends and relatives. This is a great opportunity to install firefox and show them the benefits—tabbed browsing, gmail extensions, etc. My wife used to hate Firefox and Mozilla, but now she can’t live without tabs.

  • A couple of friends came over and each one of has had access to one computer.

    While I opened up Firefox, both of them clicked that little blue “e”.

    I wanted to tell them about FF, but then I’m hooked on reading PTB. lol

  • i wonder if its against googles policy to promote firefox offline.. does anyone know..? something like: “hey go to my site, click the firefox advertisement and install a firefox..”

  • So how did the softwares become part of the Google Pack?

    Did they like have an agreement or something?

  • Yes, Google and Mozilla have a commercial agreement. See: Firefox (Mozilla Corporation/Mozilla Foundation) made $72M last year?!.