Firefox takes 25% market share

According to the latest stats from W3Counter’s Globe Web Stats, Firefox has now carved a fourth of the total browser market closing in the gap with Internet Explorer which is still at a comfortable 66%. Here is the breakdown of the browser usage based on a May 20, 2007 report:

Web Browsers
1. Internet Explorer 6.0 49.54%
2. Internet Explorer 7.0 16.82%
3. Firefox 2.0 14.47%
4. Firefox 1.5 9.10%
5. Safari 2.0 1.94%
6. Firefox 1.0 1.25%
7. Opera 9.0 0.77%
8. Mozilla 1.8 0.66%
9. AOL 6.0 0.58%
10. Opera 9.1 0.51%

Still, despite its growth, it’s surprising to learn that there are more IE7 users (16.82%) than Firefox 2.0 users (14.47%).

Note: This report was generated 05/20/2007 based on the last 31,612,302 unique visits to 4,411 websites. The last 25,000 page views to each website are analyzed to identify unique visits. Some visits may occur before the month of the report.

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  • Firefox user base is growing stronger. I would say given a yr from now, Firefox will double its users. MS IE team better come with something. FF render CSS well, that’s one think I love about FF.

  • do you stats before ie7 was released? and before ff2? it would be good to see if there was a decline in ie6/ff1.5 users and assume they went ie7/ff2.

  • neon

    GO FIREFOX!!!!

  • Hooray firefox! User since the firebird days, well i am still longing for that lean browser, but the heck i cant live without my personalized firefox.

  • I guarantee if Google started making computers they would have %50+ percent of the market.