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First Impressions: Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt, the Php3999 quad-core tablet

Earlier, Cherry Mobile just launched their first quad-core device, a 7-inch tablet called Fusion Bolt. When they asked us how much it will cost, I jokingly said Php3,999 putting a reference to their Flare smartphone. Turns out they weren’t kidding, it really costs a jaw-dropping Php3,999!

Cherry Mobile Fusion Dead Trigger

A 7-inch quad-core tablet that costs P3,999? There’s got to be a catch! However, upon using it for a brief time, testing the UI, playing a couple of games, it works admirably well for the price you are paying.

The Fusion Bolt is a 7-inch WiFi-only tablet that runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and based on the Ainol Novo 7 Venus tablet but with a different texture at the back. Display resolution is at a respectable 1280 x 800 and uses an IPS panel for a 178° visibility angle.

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt back

It is equipped with a 1GHz quad-core processor with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage. Actually, the processor is the same as that of the Venus which is advertised at 1.5GHz but running Quadrant on this tablet showed a max frequency of 1.1GHz so Cherry Mobile is correct to market it at 1GHz.

Tried out navigating through the UI and I noticed an insignificant amount of stuttering from time to time. It runs Temple Run 2 pretty well and although Dead Trigger isn’t as smooth as 1.5GHz quad-core tablets, it didn’t hinder the playing experience at all.

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt slots

They also brought down the storage from 16GB to 8GB to cut down cost which you shouldn’t mind since this tablet has a swappable microSD slot anyway. Other slots include a microUSB slot which they said can run 3G dongles (might need a cable adapter), and a mini-HDMI port.

Rear camera is limited at just 2-megapixel and the front one is a 0.3-megapixel affair. Battery is rated at 4000mAh which they say can last you anywhere from 5 to 10 hours.

Before you start saying that the specs are not that exciting and the processor chip is not top-quality, the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt will only cost you Php3,999. How does a quad-core Jelly Bean tablet sound as your first tablet, nice huh?

Cherry Mobile wasn’t able to commit a specific date on the availability of the Fusion Bolt but it’s coming out next month and they’re bringing in more stocks compared to the Flare when it was first launched. Well-played Cherry Mobile.

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Specs:
7-inch IPS LCD HD display (1280 × 800 resolution), 216ppi
5-point multitouch display
1.0GHz quad-core Actions Semiconductor ATM7029 processor
Vivante GC1000+ GPU
1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage, microSD up to 32GB
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
2MP rear camera
0.3MP front camera
Supports external 3G dongle
Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
4,000mAh Li-Ion battery
186.2mm x 126.9mm x 10.8mm
320 grams
SRP: Php3,999
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  • chard

    wtf??? like you said, there’s gotta be a catch! pero sa sub-4k price nya?! -totally a steal!!

    • JB

      sure buyer na ako nito.. hehehe kahit C2 na lang cellphone ko basta meron ako nito ok na ok na..!!

  • Wayne

    can you run benchmark software on it? Para malaman talaga natin kung worth ang 3999 sa kanya.

    • JB

      nag dalawang isip ka pa? wow haha 4k lang to

      • Wayne

        haha.. nadala na kasi ako.. naka-buy ako ng mura, mag mumura ka naman kung ginamit mo. 😀

      • we have the cherry mobile advance (tablet) and flare, the only downside was the battery capacity. for 3,999 we will surely get this once it will be released to the public

  • Art Cruz

    omg!!!!!! kakabili.ko lang kahapon ng thunder 4.5″ sulit..pero.mas sulit to..quad core 1ghz fornonly 4k!!!”

    • russel

      panget ang FUSION BOLT.. ang bagal.. kakabili ko lang kanina sa sm marilao.. nadissapoint ako sa performance.. pero dahil nga 4,000php lang pwede na.. pero tama nga editor netong review about sa FUSION BOLT di xa pwede sa mga taong GAME addict sa tablet na tulad ko.. madidissapoint lang kayo.. bili nalang kayo ng TITAN masmabilis pa xa at walang LAG..

      • dude may pang upgrade ng firmware nyan para ma enhance yung system nya. paste ko nalang bro nakapag research naren kasi ako >>> But what’s quite disappointing for the Fusion Bolt is the performance, as some have noted lags and delays, especially when playing games. Even the benchmark results were a bit disappointing. However, tweakers might have their excitement rekindled, as the Fusion Bolt can actually get a stellar performance improvement with a firmware upgrade.

        YugaTech was able to flash an updated firmware from the Ainol Novo Venus Lite, which was the OEM device the Fusion Bolt was based on. The result: an increase in Antutu score from 5,985 to 11,053, and an increase in Quadrant score from 2,722 to 2,802. And it’s not just about benchmark scores. The tablet is “now noticeably smoother and faster,” notes contributor Louie Diangson. Early reviewers of the Fusion Bolt say their firmwares were pre-release and some retail versions might already come with an updated firmware.

      • Yuki

        gamer ka pala, so why buy a cheap android tablet, why not purchase the more expensive ones. dont tell me wala kang pambili?

  • brix

    This is a steal. Although I am not happy with the battery of my Flare, I wont hesitate buying this tablet. Right now i am contemplating of selling my nearly two month old Flare because of poor battery life. Imagine,i recharge twice a day!.

    • sabi saken kanina sa cherry mobile magbebenta na sila ng spare batteries for flare. that is kung ok lang sayo may baong battery palagi.

      • brix

        I wont mind having a spare battery. Great to hear this! Thanks for the info Calvin.

        • alpha

          yea i heard it is only for 450 pesos! im planning to get a spare battery maganda naman kc ung specs. only the battery life and camera ung di maganda.

          • JELIE

            yah,, i want also a battery spare for my flare:)

          • Rein

            hindi mo pa like yung cam ng flare? i believe yun ang may pinakamagandang cam among other cm android phones. I have flare and camera is superb, i also dont suffer ung charging it 2x day, the average battery life of my flare is 30-40 hours since i use it as a phone (not a tablet :p ). my usage is text, call, wifi always on, fb, games sometimes.

          • Jayvee

            wag nu na mxdo problemahin ang battery kasi na ddiskartehan lng yan, kagaya ng sa flare gamit ang battery ng samsung s3 🙂 sulit n tlga ang 4000 pesos sa kanila 🙂

  • Rob

    Tempting!!! I’m planning to buy Nexus 7 3G pa naman… haha!

    • rocketlog

      You can get 4 of this little toys for the price of one 3G Nexus 7. Hahaha.

      Pero, if you have the spare cash, of course, better choice ang Nexus 7. Guaranteed ka ng 2-3 version updates ng Android.

      • Rob

        Actually pinagiipunan ko plng ung pambili ko ng nexus 7. hahah! Hopefully next month kaya ko na..

        Pero ano kayang catch dito kc ang mura tapos quad core pa..

        • Phillip

          catch? the model of the processor is much superior than average ones out there. So its performance maybe comparable to dual-cores, probably still inferior. I tried one sa CM store and got very excited na merong stock dahil kararating lang. Muntik ko ng bayaran, buti pwede muna i-try, and sobrang laggy. Wala pang laman yun that time sa lagay na yun, very bare.
          The one thing remarkable lang is the screen. Very good for its price. Kung di ka naman particular sa speed and gagawin mo lang media player, then sulit sya.

  • Roland Savellano

    nalilito ako kng ito bng bibilhin ko or yung superion tv. Bakit naman kase hindi na lang kayo gumawa ng dual core na may sim slot and tv pra sana isang BOOM! Anjan na lahat…

    • Marco

      Have you seen specs of Cherry Mobile Titan TV? It has what you’re looking for.

  • alcheimist

    8 gigabytes ba talaga usable memory for apps?

    • Griswold

      nope.. listed lang yan. laging mas konti ang pwede mong gamitin talaga. nasa around 6GB lang siguro to be safe.

    • mike

      actually ung size ng memory for the apps is based din sa ram nya so 1GB of ram will give you atleast 500MB storage space for the apps if you’re not rooted pero kung rooted ka and you do some memory swappings you can have even the max!

      • lei

        weill, i sure hope may makaka root na kagad ng fusion bolt, just like what the avid flare users did. para makakapag tweak to sawa! ^_^

      • lei

        well, i sure hope may makaka root na kagad ng fusion bolt, just like what the avid flare users did. para makakapag tweak to sawa! ^_^

      • AsianMelo

        Its a rebranded Ainol Novo 7 Venus/Myth which comes pre-rooted pag nabili na, sana ganun din ang tab na yan im planning to buy this for my sister

  • Anti_kimchi

    Fantastic price. Make you wonder HOW they can sell it so cheaply and still make a profit.
    ATTENTION SAMMY: you are too expensive!!

    • Jun

      Im not sure kung ainol ang ni rebrand or other tablet, pero yung ainol venus ay same specs ng CM Fusion bolt plus 16G ROM/1.5ghz quadcore @ 6500, pwedeng dahil dito kaya naibaba ng CM ang price compared sa ainol venus.

      • ainol venus yung rebrand neto…tinanong ko lang sa kanila. read my post about the 1.5GHz and lower storage.

      • Erwin

        Ainol Venus Lite daw po ito Rebrand sir! not the Ainol Venus w/c runs the 1.5Ghz Quadcore and a 16GB built-in Storage. .

      • rui

        The Ainol Novo7 Venus with 16GB of storage retails for 699 Yuan in China (equivalent to around PhP4500). Since Cherry Mobile purchases in bulk and they lowered the storage to 8GB I’m guessing they’re making a profit even if the margins are slim.

        Also, it’s not true that the Venus runs at 1.5GHz. Actual clockspeed is just 1.2GHz.

        Tsaka wala naman talagang Venus Lite na model. Lite is just a term the Chinese etailers use to differentiate the Chinese (regular) version and English (Lite) version. I guess they can sell the regular version for $20 more kasi 1.5GHz kuno. Real-world use, there’s no difference in performance between the 2 versions (I have both).

  • Expensive. Di ba pwede ibaba sa 2999 or 2499?

    • Griswold

      ang kups naman neto. kung namamahalan ka na sa presyong yan para sa ganyang klaseng tablet wag ka dapat humangad na magkatablet pa. or bilhin mo na lang yung mga last year’s china tablet, yun swak pa sa budget mo.

      • kim

        ^^ AGREE nasobraan sa barat si Jay LOL.

      • meron sa recto either insert coin o fresh GSM >:D

    • Rovhiex

      Meron sa Divisoria mga ICS tablets na 1ghz single core 2,400 lang. Pero mababa ang specs kumpara sa venus. Mas sulit na un 3,999 ng cherry mobile 1yr pa ang warranty

    • Yuki

      hahaha, tae ka pala, di mo nga yata kayang bumili ng khit cheapy android phones eh

  • roy

    anak ng tinapa.. mas maganda pa specs nito sa sammy tab 2 7.0 ko a.. ang mura pa.. when ang release nito? hmm.. bka maging mid-end gadget ngaung taon na ito is quadcore cpu/1-2 gb ram sa mga phone/tablet.. eto na exodus ng mga murang gadgets coming from.. just about anywhere ehehe..

  • jeff

    woah! say what cherry mobile?! this is freaking awesome!

  • Sam
  • At first akala ko low quality lang sya pero ok din pala parang mahal din ang brand.

  • papapet

    sayang akala ko phone.tablet lang pala.
    yung titan tv gusto ko na san,nagtanong ako kanuna sa cm robinson wala daw stock.masysdo lang kc mababa color.gnaya man lang sana yung sa color ng a919 ok na ok na sana

    • iceman

      anong color cnasabi mo , resolution tawag dun sir…

    • Yuki

      boob lungs!!

  • iyoy

    Late last year, I wanted to buy a tablet, but when the Cherry mobile Flare came out, I was encouraged instead to get the Flare because of it’s unmatched features and price. It really was a great phone. It was fast with occasional lags but nothing you cannot tolerate. The build quality is good, does not look cheap but not as solid as premium brands either. The down side of the Flare for me was the 5MP camera, the quality was not what I expected for a 5MP camera even with a built-in flash. Also, the battery life, I had to charge it everyday with normal use. So after a month, I sold my Flare to a colleague and got myself a Nexus 7 3G. Totally satisfied with the Nexus 7. Solid in all aspect. =)

    • Yuki

      your point is?

  • Chrollo

    It’s cheap because of the processor and the gpu. But what do you expect for a 3,999 tablet? And for those comparing Samsung and these rebranded devices, try using a Sammy device and CM device and you’ll actually see and feel why there’s a big price difference.

    • iceman

      tama ka jan sir, mga papansin lang yung naghahanap ng wla, mga pa epal lang…..

  • jeremy

    According to a reliable source a 8inch and 10inch version of this tablet will be release soon after this….of course with a notch higher specs on all departments.

    • yep that’s true. a couple more tablets before they bring out the quad-core smartphones.

  • @Calvin

    kelan magbebenta si Cherry Mobile nito? Sa loob ng 1yr., dapat gamitin mo ng gamitin para pag may electronic parts kagad na bumigay, mapapalitan kagad ni Cherry! Un lang, waiting period ka siguro! Wag naman sana abutin ng pagkatagal-tagal!! ;D

    • like i said sa post, next month but with no specific date/week na binigay.

  • Russ

    Has anyone tested if this his USB OTG? If it does, to hell with mobile TV. 🙂

  • Jahl

    Sir mga kelan pa po ung release ng quadcore phones.?

    • wala silang sinabing exact date/month. basta sabi after ng mga tablets nila.

      • Jahl

        sige po sir Salamat.

    • TITAN

      sir, paupdate naman kami kapag may solid ng information dyan. kakabili ko lang kasi ng titan at the best talaga. kaya lumaro ng mga 200MB na games. pano pa kaya yang quad-core phones. salamat sir.

  • JJ

    Sana i-rebrand din ng Cherry ang Ainol Novo 9 Spark. Of course, maganda kung i-modify nila so they can sell it at a much lower price point. 😀

  • eman

    anu ba ibig sabihin ng 3G dongle?

  • alvin

    im planning to buy this for my daughter.. but still
    i need some more details who bought this..
    quad core 1ghz? kaya kaya nya?

    • the product will be available next month. i have the cherry mobile advance tablet (single core), and my son is using it for games, so far no problems. i think the specs will be good enough to use for your daughter.

  • Adee Hitomi

    may case kaya na compatible dito? 😀

    • khel

      tingin ko naman may kasama na yan o kaya mkkabili ka din sa kanila

  • xxx

    kelan release date neto?

  • Mira

    How about Sim slot? is it available on Fusion blotz?

    • yes.

      • Mira

        Nice! Thank you! =)

      • aliyah

        gud day… Ask lng po kung may sim slot ba talaga ang cm fusion bolt.. Interested to buy this one,mas gus2 q may sim kc.. Thanks in advance

        • Ahmm .. ask lang po .. pano po ilagay yung sim at saan banda ?? yung micro sd ba ?? thanks po.

          • Wifi only ito. walang lalagyan ng sim.

  • Prince

    this looks good! planning to get a ktc md702 for my daughter sana but if this is an ainol rebrand then i’d rather go with this. can you keep us posted on release dates sir Calvin? thanks!

  • Helena

    Pwede po ba ang video streaming (flash)? Hanap ko po kasi device to stream anime. ^^

    • Ken

      Same question. Pang streaming din ng Anime hinahanap ko.

      Smooth po ba streaming nito sa flash player?

  • i think for a first time and gusto ma-try muna ang maka-tablet. okay na rin ito.

  • dantes

    I’m planning to buy this 7″ tablet pero tignan ko muna kung ano full review pag na release na ito. Pero this 7″ tablet looks promising.

    • dantes

      I already bought my Fusion Bolt and im satisfied with what i bought. already copied my favorite ebooks and magazines to it and it’s perfectly working. very good product, thanks cherry mobile.

      • TITAN

        wow. nice! please inform us kung may mga flaws kang nakikita.

        • dantes

          so far, my fusion bolt still perfectly working, no flaws. i’m just a regular user of this unit, just for reading my e-books and softcopy magazines. i don’t play much since i know that it’s not really a gaming tablet. i’m been using it daily for almost one month now.

    • dantes

      I’m marikina based and unfortunately, i lost the charger of my Fusion Bolt which up to now is still working without a problem except for the lost charger. Where can i buy the charger here in the marikina or stores within NCR area? I really need to have this fusion bolt charger. I bought this gadget around march in a cherry mobile stall in shopwise cubao. Can i claim or is it still covered by “warranty”? Thanks.

  • Nikko Lacsam

    WOW!!!quad core..
    Very cheap but powerful…..i like it

  • Enry

    wew . mga april na aq bibili neto …. hintay hintay muna aq sa mga feedbacks ng bibili neto :))

  • momon

    Hi CM,

    Capacitive po ba screen ng Fusion Bolt.


    • yes capacitive.

      • momon

        thanks po…may USB OTG (ON the Go) din po ba xa?

        • yes

          • khel

            panu mu naman nalaman na may OTG sa sir calvin?

          • ginamit ko hard drive ko.

  • jokjok

    sir calvin, itong CM Fusion Bolt pwede salpakan ng broadband? kasi balak ko bumili nito. thanks and more power sir!!!

    • totot

      We have the same question,jokjok. any idea po kung sino may alam?

  • ragaei blue

    Pwede pa reserve? hehe.. I think I found the tablet I’ve been waiting. Sana available na dito sa South Cotabato.

  • Lorenski

    Blockbuster ang pila dito.. we arrived 10:15AM sa SM annex, and we’re already customer #271 selling starts at 12nn we finally get our unit around 3:45PM… I haven’t explored the unit yet…. youtube palang nagamit ko and so far its good..

  • mai

    wen kaya yan available dito sa cebu?at pakisabi na nga rin sa cherry mobile na me 1 store dito sa sm cebu na ang benta ng flare ay 4,999.00,grabe nmn siguro yan

  • grimron

    Question lng po, bgong bili ko lng ung cm fusion bolt ko, nag notify n xa na low bat na xa, should i charge it na or wait ko maempty ang bat nya?

    • Gene Eric

      Once the icon turns reddish orange, you can charge it. Kagaya lang ng cellphone natin. But you should take care of charging since its battery is non-removable, so if you damage it, I dunno if it can be replaced; but the cover cannot be removed; probably sa servicing lang.

  • Gene Eric

    I bought a Fusion Bolt last Friday, there were only two of us buying at the same time. I’m happy with it, I can play Raging Thunder without a lag, will try other HD games. Good points: very affordable (perfect pang graduation gift); high battery mah; smooth naman; good screen resolution; fast wifi; has a HDMI port that you can connect it to a large flat screen tv to present your work or watch a movie; has usb port to connect to your computer; good & loud enough music playing; you have access to thousands of apps from the Play Store for games, school or office productivity, etc.

    Bad points: although it has front & back cameras; it’s not good for serious picture taking; ok lang pang skype; walang bluetooth.

    Will check if I can download an FM app so that I can listen to FM stations.

  • momon

    sir calvin, compatible po ba xa sa mga USB modem stick such as tattoo and sun

    thanks in advance

  • aliyah

    gud day, may sim slot ba talaga ang cm fusion bolt?hndi q kc nabasa sa features nya..

  • mine not working anymore. cannot detect and connect to wifi

  • harry

    bakit ayaw gumana ng antutu sa fusion bolt ko.. na isntall ko naman ng maayos.. pag click ko ng start up to 1% lng tapos biglang close ng antutu..

  • rui

    Heads up, 0328 firmware available for the Ainol Novo7 Venus and presumably, that would also work with the CM Fusion Bolt. Early reports mention better UI performance compared to 0203. No improvement in games, though.

    There’s also a rumored Android 4.2 firmware release scheduled for next week.

  • Sapphire

    Just been to their shop at Robinson’s Ermita, they are now selling the Bolt for P4,590 if i remember correctly. They say the P3,999 was just their launching price.

  • davaoeno

    hi, i’m from davao, and noticed today that the fusion bolt in the cherry mobile store is selling at 4495, am wondering was there a nation-wide price increase?

    • The P3999 is the suggested retail price. it may go up depending on the retailer although i think Cherry mobile placed a cap to the price so shops can’t put any price that they want.

  • brencalvz

    Ahm .. unang una , mabilis po bh mag response ung kanyang touch ..?? Plano ko sana bumili nito bukas .. plz . I need ur quick help … tnx

    • winoe

      based sa experience ko sir, ok naman response nung touch nya.

  • Axl

    The Fusion Bolt pulverizes the impulse looking for a crispy gadget with a big amount.

  • mag current owners, ask ko lang po kung hindi ba sya laggy (bumabagal) at umiinit? Meron ako nung first Titan pero gusto ko ng palitan / i-benta kasi laging umiinit ang likod (near the camera and speaker). Medyo concerned ako kasi wala naman yun issue dito http://tinyurl.com/Problems-with-CM-Titan kaya baka isolated case. Please reply para maka-daan na sa suking Cherry Mobile tindahan 🙂

  • jayvee

    Ano po ba ang mga available na broadband ang compatible?
    At ung firmware update po? saan pong website meron nun?

  • annie

    Hold it muna guys sa pagbili if your planning. We just bought yesterday. It seems ok nmn ang performance, even sa games. The problem is, bigla bigla na lng nag-crack ang screen nya. Kahit hndi nabagsak or natamaan ng any pointed or nadaganan. Nakakagulat and nkakadissapoint pa because we bought it at 5040 without even using it half of a day. We just hope palitan cya sa store. We don’t know what happen, but we really got dissapinted to see the cracked screen.. 🙁

    • Yuki

      already did and it never happened to me. it just wasnt your lucky day. dont incorporate ur luckiness to our pleasure.

    • in the same way bro, i bought my fusion bolt last 2mos. ’til now ok pa rin ang performance nya…. 😉

      • dantes

        Yup, bought mine 3 months ago, still works fine until now, bad apple lang siguro nabili mo.

    • Kuyang

      yung sa akin nabagsak na, pinupukpok pa ng anak kong 1yr old yung screen using his rattle pag nagugulat sya sa game na nilalaro ko (dead trigger)pero hindi naman sya nasira…

  • Stacy Collette

    nice naman yung unit.. ang problema lang is grounded kapag naka charge siya.. eh d wag nalang gamitin pag naka charge.. diba? bought for 4k flat,, a gift for my 4yr old son

    • sakit yan ng ibang android phones, especially cheap ones. hindi sya nagfufunction properly while charging from the outlet.

    • ER

      Through usb port ako nagchacharge, wala namang problema though ganyan nga yung case kapag yung provided na charger ang ginagamit ko.

  • kat

    nag bought din me !! mabagal sya sa downloading compare sa flare 🙂
    pang games lang siya d sya ideal sa browsing nd picture
    so far ok lang siya ala lng bluetooth , mahina din ung sound niya 🙂

    • hindi ahh, it depends naman cguro un sa signal mo gurl… 😉

  • WED


    • tama ka bro super galing nga ng fusion bolt, kaya lng sana sa upcoming tablets ng CM mayron na clng specs na ganito:

      Dual SIM / Dual Standby
      7-inch capacitive display
      2GHz quad-core processor
      Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean)
      2GB of RAM
      16GB of internal storage
      microSD support up to 32GB
      8MP autofocus camera with double LED flash
      2MP front-facing camera
      Call & Text features
      Mobile TV / FM Radio
      GPS with A-GPS support
      WiFi / Bluetooth / WiFi Hotspot / 3G

      pwede ba ‘to? kahit 10k cguro bbli pa ako pag ganito, hehehe…. 😉

      • kenji

        ikaw ang gumawa nyan bibili din ako… gumawa ka lang… pls…

        • rhey jen crusem

          gus2 q sna rin kung magre2lease cla ganyang specs peo win8rt ang os posible kya un?

          • brugudugstuys

            Tangina mo po. Sana nga lang daw meron diba? Bobito

      • a yan bro…hybrid? LOL! kung meron ngang ganyan im sure the price would be quite high.

  • dantes

    I’m marikina based and unfortunately, i lost the charger of my Fusion Bolt which up to now is still working without a problem except for the lost charger. Where can i buy the charger here in the marikina or stores within NCR area? I really need to have this fusion bolt charger. I bought this gadget around march in a cherry mobile stall in shopwise cubao. Can i claim or is it still covered by “warranty”? Thanks.

    • i dont think losing the charger is covered in the warranty. hindi ba kaya icharge using microusb cable?

      • dantes

        Yup, tried using the micro usb pero mabagal ang charging tsaka kelangan naka off yung unit, iba pa rin kung yung charger nya ang gamit, kaya gusto kung malaman saan maka bili dito sa metro manila ng fusionbolt charger

      • dantes

        Na-solve ko na ito. Naka bili ako kanina sa SM Cubao Cherry Mobile Stall the basement ng fusion bolt charger, php350 so meron na uli akong charger.

  • amm pwede po bang lagyan nq broadban po fusion ?

    • yup, kailangan mo lng ng dongle support then connect mo sa stick (tatoo/smart bro).

      • kelly

        sun broadband pwede po ba?

  • sana yung fusion bolt ng cherry mobile may bluetooth at sim na like torque droidz ultimate, kaylan kaya yun????? 🙂

  • heziel

    anong smart/sun/globe models ang applicable? anyone hu is already using it? thanks

  • sc

    Talaga po bang black screen lang lumalabas sa gallery setting sa upper botton ng fusion bolt?

  • whattaghirl

    Hi hello help nman po, hindi po ako mkpag browse ng net kahit connected nman sa WIFI, pansin ko lng yung wifi icon hndi nka blue, pero connected nman daw bka ksi may nbago ako sa settings nya.. pls help kung sino nkaka alam what seems to be the problem thanks in advance…

    • mahina pa ung signal pag ganyan gurl, kailangan talaga naka light ung icon nga wifi mo para makapasok kah… 😉

  • Mae Ann Estacion

    bought this fusion bolt 2 weeks ago for my 6 years old son, accidentally he dropped it, nasira lcd, saan puwede magpa palit ng lcd nito? and how much kaya cost?

    • cass bautista

      naku yan di problema ko dva poh my warranty means poh ba pwedeng palitan ung lcd ko wla pa cyang 1 week 4 days pa lang ata nabagsak cya nacra ung lcd nya

      • jelaii

        hindi na pwede yung warranty kapag mishandled yung nangyari

  • Noel

    Ask ko lang yung icon sa baba na screen shot… pano alisin at bakit bigla na lang nag rere-start Fusion Bolt kabibili ko lang last sunday.

  • weng

    good day ask ko lang kung maganda gamtin panooran ng movie?saka kumusta naman ung life ng batery nya?


  • trix

    paano liitan yung icons ng apps? tenks

  • yan

    hi there pips…ndi ko matanggl ung microsd ng fubo ko masyado ko ksi nalubog.. kala ko ksi parang sa laptap lng kng ttngln. haha.pls gve advise….

  • james

    Dont under estimate my work!!!
    [email protected]

  • kenji

    masasabi ko lang sa mga bumili at bibili pa lang sana tgnan nyu muna.. bago nyu bilihin para wala kau reklamo…

  • andy

    Hi, Yung battery life nung binili ko only last to 5-6 hours of continous usage (temple run, fb connected to wifi, at video). is that normal?

  • Ching

    Mga sir, ask ko lang umiinit din ba ang back panel ng Fubo nyo pag nakacharge? Naka off po ang unit at tsaka may spark din ba ang charger nyo pag sinasaksak sa outlet? TIA.

    • Umiinit din yong back panel ng as akin! Kakabili ko Lang wala pang 2 weeks. At mabagal mag download, machina sumagap ng WiFi! Sayang opera ko Hindi ako satisfied!!!

    • ganyan din yung aking umiinit pag chinachrge… bkit ganun? normal b talga yun.

  • i bought this fubo 1 month ago and its ok naman. prob ko lng po is di ko mtransfer pics from tab to xternal sd card. pwde ba un? and 1 tym i was downloading eh ang laki nung file so i click on the force stop from then on d na ko mkadownload sa playstore.nid na daw ireformat. haiz help pls.

  • rj

    gus2 q sna rin kung magre2lease cla ganyang specs peo win8rt ang os posible kya un?

    • i dont think cherry mobile will enter the windows market.

    • tama

      calvin is correct masyadong malaking pera ang kailangan ng cherry mobile para bilhin ung rights ng windows os(which will make cherry phones expensive)

  • rj

    ask q lng po pd po b cya s ibang moderate graphics games?

  • enna

    anong broadband po ba ang compatible dito?
    I need an OTG para maconnect yung broadband, right?
    please reply po. 😉 Thanks <3

  • jhong

    ano po mas maganda for gaming yung fusion bolt or the samsung tab korean version?

  • myl

    Ask ko lng po.kbibili ko lng ng FuBo 2 days na nakaraan. Mahina ba tlga sounds nya? Yung halos less than half pa lng yung volume paghininaan sya halos wla ka na marinig na sound. Tpos safe ba magcharge sa microusb? Salamat ng madami sa sasagot.

    • noel

      naku ipalit mo na yan. kasi yung akin malakas ang sound…. super ingay nga pag naglalaro anak ko… kaso madalas mag hang… safe lang ang charging with USB…. Yung unang bili ko pinalit ko 7 days kasi super init pag nagchacharge…kahit di nakacharge mainit pa rin back nya kaya pinalit ko… mahina rin ang wifi… kaya pinalitan nila….

      ngayon ok na… nga unang labas ang may diperensya ata.

  • thekat

    Hello Question 🙂 Kakabili ko lang kasi ng FUBO 2 weeks ago. And napansin ko, bigla nalang syang mamatay, then paghawak ko sa liko mainit sya. Minsan kahit fully charge, tapos di ko naman ginagagamit. Pag gagamitin ko na, naka off na sya.
    I tried to install yung Battery saver, and when I click yung hardware options na running, naka on yung “Radio”. Then pag click ko naman ng settings, napupunta lang din sa option for Wifi. Naka off naman yung wifi ko. Sigh 🙁 may resolution kaya dito? Thanks! Kakainis nanyari sya, ika 8th, kaya di na namin napareplace.

  • dantes

    Yup, bought mine 3 months ago, still works fine until now, bad apple lang siguro nabili mo. Medyo ingat ingatan din ang pag gamit.

  • Gerald

    Saan poh ba my available na Touch screen ng FUBO? Naupoan q poh kc yung akin eh!

    • dalhin niyo na lang sa cherry mobile kung maaayos pa nila yan. pero suggestion ko bili ka na lang ng bago, baka halos kapresyo na rin ng bagong fusion bolt ang pagpalit ng screen.

      • Gerald

        ah!! cge poh! tnx. . 🙂

  • i have this tablet for about 5 months now, wla pa rin syang problema sa performance.
    two thumbs up para sa CM.
    very satisfied ako sa CM fusion bolt..

  • chat

    Bkit ganun ung tagl mgcharge ng fubo ko kpg USB charger nya ung gambit ko ncra kc ung orig nyang charger kya un ung gnmit ko 8hrs NGO mag100% bkit ganun

  • mark

    Mahusay ang pagkakarebrand sa fusion bolt, although kalahati ito ng ainol novo venus pero kung presyo ang pagbabatayan ay sulit na rin sa 3.999. Nabili ko ang gamit kong fusion bolt 4months ago and so far wala naman naging problema. Sa internet browsing mabilis naman, depende lang sa connection, at location. Well lahat naman yun ang batayan diba? Sa movie mahusay din, disente nitong naip-play ang 1080p. Ang camera, since 2mp at 0.3 ang capacity nito mahusay lang kung outdoor at ok ang light exposure. Ang battery life mahusay din. Sa gaming naman ito ang mga nasubukan ko ng games sa cm.fubo ko:
    -world of anargor
    -the room
    -temple run oz and temple run 2
    -dead trigger
    -eternity warriors2
    -death dome
    -frontline commando
    -contract killer 2
    -modern combat 4 zero hour
    -nba 2k13
    -asphalt 7
    -the amazing spiderman
    -six guns
    -despicable me
    -heroes of orders and chaos ( favorite ) parang dota
    -prince of persia sword and flame
    -samurai vengeance 2
    -wildblood /favorite/
    -major mayhem
    -nun attack
    -final fantasy 3
    -sims freeplay
    -need for speed most wanted
    -nba jam
    -angry birds starwars
    -angry piggy hd
    -max payne
    -zenonia 1,2,3,4,5
    -frontline commando d-day
    -heroes of destiny
    -shadow runner
    -virtua tennis
    -royal revolt
    -crazy taxi
    -order up
    -street tycoon
    ——-highly recommended ko po ang nga games na yan tried and tested po:-)
    Kung gusto nyo po ng ibang gaming experience, you can download n64 emulator , playstaion emulator and gameboy advance emulator sa emuparadise.me ok din po ang gaming using those emulators.
    Pwede nyo rin iupgrade ang firmware nito sa ainol tab novo venus7 quadcore, android 4.2.2 gaya ng ginawa ko, kahit di nyo iupgrade ang cm.fubo ay gagana ang mga games na nabanggit, pero kung iuupdate/upgrade ang firmware at o.s nito ay medyo mababawasan ang lag and it will add more smoothness sa paggamit nyo ng cm.fubo. and di na magiging issue ang RAM nya kasi pwede mo na ito i-tweak hanggang 4gb using roehsoft ramexpander application. Downside daw yung kawalan nito ng bluetooth, i don’t think so kasi isa ang bluetooth sa mga di madalas gamitin if you are using a tablet device, 85% tama ako dyan:-)
    Now, if you are planning to buy ay chip but incredible tablet? Fusion bolt is what you are looking for:-)
    Sana makatulong ang mga nasabi ko sa iba pang cm.fubo users at mga nagpa plano pa lamang bumili nito:-)

  • jane

    yung samin nbli ko aug.29,halos 1 wk. pa lng nung minsan nag charge ako,after charging pagkakita ko cracked syaa on the side hnggang sa ibbaw,bumuka sya slght at may tama unti pero nd nman tlaga sya bumgsak or tumama anywhere,kaya til now im wondering f may multo b d2 samn…nd ko na dinala sa cm store im sure ipgppilitan lng na nbgsak,working pa rin nman e…my problem now is bgla hndi na ngwowork yung broadband which is ok nman dati..

    • daddy

      Yun fusion bolt na binili ko sa anak ko umiinit din ng sobra yun likod kahit naka-standby lang at hinde ginagamit.

      Nag-crack yun screen nya at kailangan ko pang ireklamo sa DTI and Cherry Mobile kasi void daw yun warranty.

      Ok na sana yun Fusin Bolt kaya lang may problema talaga sya sa display screen na madalas masira na sakit na daw talaga yun nun unit sabi nun taga Cherry Mobile store sa may Ultimart, San Pablo City, Lagun.

      Sa Lucena pa daw ang service center nila kaya lang and hinde ko matagalan ay ang poor customer service.

      Ayaw nilang magreceive ng unit for repair pag umaga pa, paghihintayin ka pa ng 1:00pm.

      Mga hinde professional at inconsiderate!
      Bumiyahe pa asawa ko mula sa bayan namin para dalhin dun tapos ganun isasalubong sayo!

      Bulok talaga Cherry Mobile!

  • Regina

    Hi lang po sa lahat! Meron po aong isang problem tungkol sa fusion bolt ko…ewan ko kung anung nangyari…biglaan nalang nasira yung camera ko as in yung 2.. pwede pa po ba maayos yun? Yun lang kasi problem ko other than that, wala ng iba.. baka siguro nabagsak ko yung tablet but hindi naman nadamage yung screen…So dissapointing 🙁

  • yan din gusto kong tablet, sayang walang lang bluetooth. Di pwede agad sana pasa ng scandals. Hahaha

  • To mark paano ba iuupgrade ang cm fubu?

  • stefani olivia clarke

    hi! sa settings po yan mapapalitan go to display:) and another tip for gustong yng fusion storm and bolt maging ios 7 i download povang espier ios 7 launcher,espier ios 7 notification,espier ios 7 screen locker and espier controller;)

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  • Bakit po yung dead trigger and dead trigger 2 pag nilalaro ko naginginig po yung mga zombies pati yung kamay ng character pati yung mga kasama niya lalo na po yung dead trigger 1 naginginig tas sobrang laggy niya kahit yung ibang mga laro smooth nman pero nanginginig tlga sila

  • roy

    1 year na fubo namin with original fw installed, reflash ko sa orig na AINOL NOVO QUAD VENUS (rebranded kasi tong fubo from german tablet) ganda ng performance, 2k14 no lag. gamit ng 1 year old ko na lalaki..nababaldog nababagsak pinanggigilan ang screen sa pagpindot pero nasa screen protector lang ang scratches at wala lamat.. smooth at makinis. natawa ako sa post na hindi naman nababagsak o anupaman pero nag crack hahahaha. marketing startegy ng kalaban ang manira ayan na sya.