First Impressions: HTC One X+

We just got us some alone time with the upcoming HTC One X+ earlier at an NVIDIA event here in Thailand. This superphone is powered by the fastest quad-core mobile processor currently available in the market, the NVIDIA Tegra 3 clocked at 1.7Ghz.

HTC One X+

The HTC One X+ feels and looks just like the highly-acclaimed HTC One X. You get the same gorgeous 4.7-inch Super-LCD IPS display panel up front protected by Gorilla Glass 2 which tapers on the edges for that beautiful curved look. The ports and button placement haven’t been changed as well.

HTC One X+ HTC One X+

Even the back is similar to the One X with the protruding lens of the 8-megapixel camera at the top center and contact points for a dock accessory lining up at the lower right edge.

HTC One X+

So what’s new here? Well, there’s the fastest NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core chip which has a 1.6GHz clock speed on each core, the additional core for power-saving mode, and the 12 GPU cores inside.

Playing high-end games on this phone is simply amazing. For example, I was able to see a more lively environment with detailed texture and skins on Dead Trigger as compared to playing it on my old HTC Sensation. NVIDIA said this immersive gaming experience is what they’re bringing to mobile devices with their Tegra 3 chip.

HTC One X+

You will also get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and the improved HTC Sense 4+ which HTC claims gives you a smoother and more fluid experience than previous Sense versions. I didn’t really notice any difference with the way it looks but HTC said they slimmed it down and removed things that would hog resources.

They also added some nifty features on the camera. You can set it so that every time you click the Wake button, it will automatically launch the camera app. No need to unlock which is perfect when traveling. It also gets a one-touch focus and shoot feature so taking photos is now much faster. The front camera now has a BSI lens and the self-timer works with it.

Storage space has been doubled from 32GB to 64GB and you’ll also get another 32GB worth of Dropbox space for 2 years. Battery rating has also been increased from 1800mAh to 2100mAh.

So basically that’s it, the HTC One X+ which will be launched next month is simply a souped-up version of the HTC One X and nothing more. But if it ain’t broke, why fix it right?

UPDATE: The HTC One X+ will retail for Php32,800.

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  • StratoSpHere

    How much will this be once it gets out in the market? I’m already expecting a much higher price compared to One X, but still, anyone can go wrong lol.:D

  • Griswold

    not a big upgrade from the one x pero that battery upgrade is a welcome one.

  • Paulo

    When is this coming to Globe?

  • Is this phone much better than htc one x?

    • ang bobo mo naman kaya nga ONE X+… may PLUS SIGN meaning mas maganda sa ONE X yan… hay nakapagtapos ka ba ng college?