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First Impressions: LG G2, now officially available starting at P27,490

LG finally launched their latest superphone, the phone that a lot of people from a recent poll are saying is currently the best in the market. The LG G2. This phone incorporates a lot of innovations based on what the consumer needs, keying on the message “œLearning from You”.


The LG G2 has a 5.2-inch Full HD IPS screen which LG claims is the optimal maximum size for a handset. Am not really a fan of phones having 5-inch and up displays but this one actually felt just right despite my not-so-overly huge hands. The side bezels on the LG G2 are the narrowest on a handset in the market today and makes it more compact even when compared to some 5-inch phones.

It’s not as slim as other phones with its 8.9mm-thin body but its arching design makes it really easy to grip despite its size.


It uses the latest quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip clocking at 2.2GHz and supports LTE-Advanced, 2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage (no microSD), and a 3,000mAh SiO+ battery. It also boasts of the industry’s first 24bit/192KHz Hi-Fi sound playback for studio-quality audio.

At the back is the 13-megapixel camera protected with sapphire crystal glass to prevent smudges and scratches on the lens. This camera has an Optical Image Stabilization built into it instead of the usual software-based OIS making it much better when taking action shots especially with its 9 multi-point auto-focus. Video recording has this feature which lets you zoom in on a particular audio source made possible by three stereo mics so as to soften background noise.


One of the most talked about feature is the Rear Key setup, foregoing buttons on the sides as we’re accustomed to. The reason behind this is that as phones get bigger, drop accidents are most likely to happen when pressing buttons on the sides or on top. The Rear Key setup aims solves this problem and has the volume control as well as the Power/Sleep button. You can also use the volume buttons as your shutter making selfies easier to take don’t you think?


Having rear buttons make it more natural for your pointer finger to access them whether you’re right or left handed. It felt awkward for a bit but will easily feel more comfortable as you use it.

As for cool software features, I like KnockOn which will help you preserve that Power button from wear and tear. Just double tap the screen to wake the phone up. There’s also the AnswerMe which automatically takes a call simply by putting the phone over your ear. The range of Q-apps found on the Optimus series are also present including Q-Memo, Q-Translator, and Quick Remote among others.


There’s also Guest Mode, a useful feature if you have kids or other people who often use your phone. In guest mode, you can restrict the apps available to them to avoid things such as calling another person, or accessing sensitive information. I guess you can call it Wife Mode as well.


I also like the customizable Android button layout. I’m used to having the Back button on the right-most side of the layout so it’s nearer to my thumb and this phone lets me do just that even allowing for a 4-button layout. What I find peculiar is that LG still don’t have a dedicated button to launch the multitask window. You still have to press and hold the Home button for this task.


The included flip cover also interacts with the LG G2. The small window on the cover allows you to view and swipe miniature version of some screens such as time, notifications, music, photos, etc.

LG did a really great job with the G2 and it looks like one of the best (if not the best) Android phone out there today. The top-of-the-line specs, the comfortable size, the innovative Rear Key, KnockOn, its camera, and most of all, the reasonable price it has makes it a phone that’s very easy to like.

The LG G2 is already available in the market with a retail price of Php27,490 for straight cash payment, or you can opt for a 12-month 0% interest payment scheme which brings up the price to Php29,990. Or you can avail of it for free on Globe’s Plan 1799. Not a bad price for a superphone and you’ll also get the flip cover included in the package.

LG G2 Specs:
5.2″ Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) power-efficient IPS LCD screen, 424 ppi
450 nit brightness, Gorilla Glass 3
2.3GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800
Adreno 330 GPU
2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, no microSD
Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
13 MP optically-stabilized camera with LED flash
9-point Auto-Focus, Sapphire Crystal Glass Lens
Full HD (1080p) video recording at 60fps
2.1 MP front-facing camera with FullHD video capture
HSDPA, 42 Mbps; HSUPA, 5.76 Mbps; LTE
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA, Wi-Fi hotspot
Bluetooth 4.0 LE, MHL, NFC, Miracast, IR blaster
24bit x 192kHz Hi-Fi Sound
3,000mAh SiO+ battery
Color: Black, White
138.5 x 70.9 x 8.9 mm
143 g
SRP: Php29,990
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  • Eason

    Good to see that LG is finally getting the message of they can’t be more expensive than Samsung and HTC. Their prices are getting competitive lately, although they launched the G Pro too late I guess.

    • oo kawawang G Pro… matatabunan kaagad. para na lang sya dun sa may gusto ng bigger screen.

  • Carlos

    Hi! Is this really available at Globe? I asked them a while ago and they said they don’t carry it.

    • baka hindi ba nacascade sa mga csr or sa stores. it was mentioned during the G2 launch event.

      • Carlos

        Thanks for clearing that up!

    • ayun… first week of october daw darating sa globe.

  • wew

    best phone ever!as in!wala ka nang makikitang pangit sa phone nito ni katiting

  • NJ

    Considering money-for-value, is this a better choice over the Xperia Z? Im confused between the two. Xperia Z is cheaper and looks decent but G2 seems to be prettier.

    • LG G2 performance is way better than xperia Z. mas powerful chipset nito.

    • toeknee

      LG G2 is worth buying..and its better than experia Z. 🙂

  • toni

    nice phone features..i cant wait to have one.. X-mas wish. 🙂

  • mobiletech537

    I wish that i have this in my birth day, i will earn money for this Lg G2 so that can help me in my study and to my work :D, LG G2 have great specs.

  • victoriaela

    I was thinking what phone to buy, that can be affordable and also with good specs.this LG G2 is great.

  • G2 npakaunique nia talga

  • dimple

    LG G2 has the only smartphone that has a Guest Mode, feature that anyone with nosy friends and family will enjoy, i can hide secret!

    • jay

      tma only G2 have guest mode….. this is the features for me….. awesome….

  • tin

    this LG G2 seems interesting from its OS w/c is great, you can also it also have customizable Android button layout and can be a quick remote to other appliance..

  • Clark

    loved the new specs, specially the OIS camera where you’ll never encounter another blurry photo

  • techy623

    hands down to LG G2 very unique, very innovative particularly on the OIS camera and the rear key button

    • Jutch

      Hands down! LG G2 really did an amazing job! So many new features in one phone. Not to mention, they equipped the phone with nothing but the best: the best processor and the best camera for instance.

  • kent_ace

    the specs are very unique cant find those on other brands thumbs up LG G2

  • mstekie101

    i like the customizable andorid lay out.LG did a great job from a 13mp camera, answer me feature and qick memo, plus a stylish cover.this smartphone is really great

  • toeknee

    a phone that is worth buying. from the Q-slide system app you can do multi tasking.also the battery will even last long bec of the 3,000mAh SiO+ battery so the LG battery jammed right up to the curved edge.

  • Jutch

    I heard a lot of positive feedback for the LG G2 as it is considered currently as the best smartphone. LG did a good job in investing in the new features they’ve added. A phone definitely worth buying!

  • Cerwayne

    I like how comfortable it is when handled. The combination of both the near bezel plus the 5.2″ display screen provided an awesome synergy!

  • KENT

    two thumbs up for the knock down feature, you just have to double tap the screen and it will unlock/power up again. This reduces the risk of broken unlock key button! nicee

  • jhaycob

    Snapdragon 2.26 GHz Quad-Core Processor + 4G LTE ,,, like! awesome features LG G2!

  • zia

    Super Happy and satisfied to my new smartphone LG G2,, even though the battery was build in, still it last for longer hours 🙂

  • ben

    another best smartphone…great camera with OIS or Optical Image stabilzer,for those who got shakey hands? even if your moving,shots are still clear..

  • im so happy for LG because of their phone which is G2 ang ganda ng mga features nio…

  • i asking how much the G2????

  • GINeral G2 is only 27,490… gandfa nian bili kana…

  • techstyle

    its easy to take a selfie photo bec of the rear key…hehe

  • hands down to LG G2 very unique, very innovative particularly on the OIS camera and the rear key button

  • ZOOM TO TRACK feature! Gift for my stunned hands! I hope my parents would buy me this! it’s amazing. No hassle on capturing video!

  • the best high-tech phone in the world. thanks for LG

  • world’s first flexible OLED panel for smartphones, it’s only for LG.

  • its easy to take a selfie photo bec of the rear key…

  • chiz

    I missed the sale of G2 last oct. 20 and I am so sad! I really want to have one, when I tried it out i was so amazed that this phone is overflowing with today’s technologies! Many people is buzzing abput the G2 and its easy to see why, the rear key is so unique and the processor is also amazing, it being a Snap dragon 800!

  • flame

    OIS? this is new right! interesting huh.. LG makes another Breakthrough!

  • pjmigs

    a near zero bezel to maximized display area,i really like the processor wich is Snapdragon 800 i can download videos and application really fast.

  • very nice smartphone ever.

  • i love listening to music, G2?s HI-Fi sound playback is my favorite i also like its OIS Display .. hope to have one

  • kendy

    im thinking to buy lumia 521, but ended up with G2, beacause i saw some of its video in youtube, no Dissapointment with G2,,, The specs is first and its features the other phones don’t have ^^

  • hae

    wow at 27k you can own this phone!? if i have enough money i would buy this,, its more cheap than other phone!

  • Aidai

    Hello! We are part of the LG Promotion Team. We are collecting reviews about LG’s new flagship smartphone, the LG G2. We would like to upload your review on our microsite. If you however would not like for us to do so, we will honor your request immediately and delete it from our website. If you would like to offer your support, please provide us the URL of your review by emailing us at [email protected] Thank you.

  • jack

    thumbs up to its specs and features!

  • allain

    G2 doesn’t deserve its price! it has a lot of amazing specs and features! but because LG thinks to its costumer to get a chance to have this Smartphone its cheaper than other phones out there!

  • jenny

    its specs and features are all amazing! i want to have this for my Christmas gift

  • miko

    its processor! nice!

  • demi

    i want to try its rear key and knock on!!

  • honey

    specs wise! this smartphone will be a hit!