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First Sennheiser concept store in the Philippines opens in V-Mall, Greenhills

Sennheiser has been synonymous with top-quality and high-performance headphones. Last June 13, 2012, Sennheiser Asia opened its flagship store in the country, located at the 3rd floor of V-Mall in Greenhills. This store will showcase their whole lineup for available in our country from the entry-level to audiophile-level headphones.


Sennheiser collaborated with Digits Trading, its Philippine retailer and Iontech, its official Philippine consumer distributor, to pave way for the opening of the concept store.


The Sennheiser concept store will serve as a gateway for Philippine users to experience the world of Sennheiser headphones, which I’m also a fan by the way. So whether you’re looking for travel headphones, earphones that’ll accompany you on your workout, mobile communication solutions, PC gaming audio needs, or if you’re a DJ looking for the next set of high-end cans, you can visit Sennheiser at V-Mall with all of its audio solutions in one roof. You can audition the headphones to find the right sound and the right style to suit your need.

Sennheiser Concept Store in V-Mall, Greenhills is open daily from 10am to 8pm.

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  • van

    will we be allowed to try all the sennheiser models?

    • There are units available to audition. I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to accommodate you if you want to try out headphones that are not available for testing.

      • Kev

        That’s awesome!i like to visit this store but,I don’t have much time. Anyways,I’m from alabang,And I’d like to ask if the store is selling parts or accessories of an old senn headphone? like Hd 497 and Hd 280.
        Its been 3 years now since I’ve switched to sennheiser products and
        they’re totally rock my ears.so
        its kinda wasting them if I throw them away with wrecked parts like wires only right? ThnkS!

  • Griswold

    did they say where the next store will open? medyo hirap puntahan greenhills for me eh. traffic pag weekends and pangit pa parking rates.

    • Andrei Lim

      No announcement yet on other stores.

  • Zo

    meccha for a sennheiser fanboy. like me. 😀

  • Nivramâ„¢

    Hi everyone, does anybody knows their phone number? Thanks!