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Fitbit Unveils a New Sleep Schedule Feature

Fitbit recently released a set of effective tools to help its users improve their sleep consistency and overall health. Using the free Fitbit app, which is compatible with all Fitbit devices that track sleep, the new Sleep Schedule feature will guide its users to a more consistent sleep patern.  This will be done through personalized sleep goals based on real-world data, customized bedtime and wakeup alarms for consistency, and consistent reminders to stay on schedule.



The new Sleep Schedule features on the Fitbit app aim to help users improve their general sleep habits. These include the Sleep Goal, which creates recommendations based on data straight from the Fitbit tracker. Using the same sleep data, Bedtime and Wake Up Targets which will recommend optimal sleep and wakeup times to users. In turn, they will be supported and maintained by Bedtime and Wake Up Reminders.  After all that, the History Chart will keep track of how the Sleep Schedule features have helped the user’s sleep habits, or if it needs to make more adjustments.

An all-new panel of sleep specialists and experts have specifically worked on these Sleep Schedule tools in partnership with Fitbit.  According to these experts, sleep is crucial to maintaining proper health and preventing illnesses like cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes.



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