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Five Practical Gadgets for the Modern Man by Starmobile

Father’s Day comes next week, June 18, and sometimes it might be hard to find the right gift for a husband and father. In fact, some would even argue that some dads may be averse to current technology. So how about we talk about five practical gadgets that’s perfect for dad?

1. For Tech-Savvy Dads: JUMPU Gadgets and Accessories

Okay, maybe your dad DOES know how to handle a laptop or a smartphone, and in fact loves it. He wants to use technology for the office, for the car, and for the sofa at home. For a man like this, select JUMPU mobile accessories will prove to be more than enough

Hot items include the time-saving JUMPU SHUN 4-port and SEHA 5-port chargers, which charges multiple items at the same time. Additionally, the JUMPU DUO or KLASIK power banks will provide a similar charging experience on the go. But why stop there? Dad probably also needs the MICRO reversible micro-USB cables, LITNIN lightning cables, or the DUAL series for both.

2. For Practical Dads: Starmobile UNO B208 and B306

Simply put, a practical kind of dad deserves a Starmobile UNO. This latest serving from Starmobile focuses on calls and text quality, making it highly functional and easy-to-use.

The B208 has FM radio, a camera with flash, expandable memory, a flashlight, and varaints in red, blue, and black. Meanwhile, the B306 gets an extra loudspeaker, camera, and video recording.

3. For the Always-Working Dads: Starmobile UP Prime and ENGAGE Aura

Maybe your dad barely ever has time to stop and just relax. Or, maybe he’s always working. Keep dad on top of everything with devices perfect for his lifetstyle, notably Starmobile’s UP Prime nad ENGAGE Aura. Starmobile’s UP Prime caters directly to busy professionals through its split-screen feature. This particular mode allows dad to seamlessly navigate between texting and playing music. Other notable specs include a 5-inch 2.5D curved screen, an 8MP rear camera, a 5MP front cam, and Android 7.0 Nougat for the OS.

On the other hand, the ENGAGE Aura from Starmobile presents an affordable computing device for dad. Primarily, the 1.9GHz Quad-Core laptop comes equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mini HDMI, and 2.0 and 3.0 USB ports.

4. For the Fun Dads: Starcube Digital TV Box

Sometimes, being a dad entails having a nice afternoon on the couch, watching television. In that case, get dad the best out of local entertainment through the Starcube Digital TV Box. This gives anyone 30 channels to choose from, in clear HD definition. But it doesn’t stop there! Dad has the option to record his favorite shows using the digibox’ recording feature.

5. For the Internet-Loving Dads: TP-LINK Routers

If you have a dad that spends hours on the latest social media networks or internet streaming sites, get him a TP-Link router. This brand commands a reputation of reliability, especially in terms of effective internet connections. Faster speeds stay possible for all home and mobile devices, without eating into dad’s bandwidth.

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