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Five Things You need to Know About the LG G Pro 2 Phablet

LG yesterday launched the LG G Pro 2 Phablet and the LG G2 Mini. Both smartphones features outstanding display, hardware and user experience including a security feature using knock pattern. Below are five essential features of the LG G Pro 2 phablet.


  • Knock Code

An improvement over the existing KnockON feature found on the flagship LG G2 smatphone, the Knock Code allows the user to enter their personal (security) code by entering a (2-8 point) customized tapping or knocking pattern on the screen.

  • Guest Mode

Guest Mode allows the user to key in a different unlock pattern to provide a custom home screen as well as a custom set of apps, giving users the peace of mind when lending their phones to others.

  • Mini View

Mini View allows the user to resize the home screen, perfect for one-handed use.

  • Dual Browser

Dual Browser provides the user two separate windows at the same time.

  • Flash for Selfie

LG G Pro 2 phablet’s front camera has a flash that comes handy for those selfies. 😀

Below is a video of the LG G Pro 2 in action.

The LG G2 Mini carries most of the features of the LG G Pro 2, we’ll write more about these two new smartphones from LG when we get our hands on the review units.  

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  • Enya

    The 6th yet most important thing you need to know is, like its predecessor, it cannot connect to Smart LTE.

    • mr. bean

      It has LTE 1800 MHz support

  • bliss

    i don’t think it has a front facing flash…it uses the screen instead as a light source…

  • HI,

    Im glad that LG keeps working hard on those 🙂 the lg g2 was already a strong competitor for the S4 and some would say better.

    Now this LG G2 Pro can be a Note 3 Killer. We need a strong competitor for Samsung otherwise they will be Monopolist, Apple is not enough..

    Cheers Chris