Fixing Firefox’s Voracious Appetite for Memory

firefox-128.pngOk, so its not really a fix… more like a work around. But so far this seems to have worked to help throttle back the Firefox browser’s design to cache pages in memory:

  1. Go the address bar of firefox (where the “http://” usually is entered) and type “about:config”
  2. Look for “browser.cache.disk.capacity” and click on it.
  3. Change the default 50000 to a lower value. It was recommended that if you have 512Mb RAM, you should set it to 15000.
  4. Restart Firefox.

So far my memory consumption, with a ton of tabs “On”, has been hovering at 80Mb. Much better than the previous 240Mb it used to consume.

Originally from Lifehack. Along with that came 14 other great Firefox tips (here).

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  • jash

    visited the link and tried the tips there. thanks.

  • You’re Welcome 😀

  • you can actually set the cache size from the Options > Advance > Network tab…

  • Thanks for the tips sir. mijo bumilis at lumakas ang PC ko while using firefox.

  • rglsmb

    not worked for me. images on some websites (like took them longer time to load and some even stuck and displays nothing. when i restore it to default settings it was actually faster.

  • nice. it actually works!

  • Thanks for sharing. This revamped my Firefox browser – adding in more space. Youse best.

  • silphead

    ACtually you can manually change it in..

    TOOLs > Option > Advance > Network > CAche > then type your desire mb’s for the space…