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Flickr now offers its users 1TB of free storage, shows new UI too

Not a fan of Flickr because of the storage limitation that you know you will eventually reach because you’re not a fan of resizing your photos? Well, here’s something that might make you finally sign up for a Flickr account, or make you happy if you’re already an existing user.

Flickr recently announced that they are giving your photos more room to breath by supplying you 1TB of space to play with. 1 terabyte! That should give you more than enough space to upload photos you take every hour, for forty years, and in full resolution. You can also use the space for your Full HD videos (up to 3 minutes only).


Flickr also redesigned their site so that your photos would be the highlight of your homepage, not the blinding white space of before. You’ll see the seamless layout for you to show off your photo, and even play with the customizable cover photo and put up a high-res profile pic. What’s also nice is that photos are displayed in as many pixels as possible.


There’s the Activity Feed which shows your friends’ recent uploads along with your own. The slideshow mode will let you enjoy your photos full-screen with elegant transitions in between.

According to Flickr, the site now is in its most beautiful form and we can’t agree more. Oh and they just pushed their brand new app for Android for you to enjoy your photos wherever you go.

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  • I’m really digging the new Flickr UI. And it seems I’m able to view all my photos in my free account! Usually the free account is only able to show your last 200 photos so seeing my old photos is a definite plus.

    • ok no? buti nagbago na policy nila for the better.