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FlipSide Games: A new Pinoy Game Company Launches

Gabby Dizon, gaming industry veteran (Anino Entertainment/Anito) and 3rd World Game Designer, announces:

I’ve teamed with 2 magnificent partners to co-found a new game development startup, FlipSide Games. One of my partners is an ex-Blizzard North veteran who has shipped Diablo and Diablo 2; I’m very lucky to have the chance to work alongside him and learn about some of the things that make all Blizzard games great. My other partner is a friend of a dozen years whom I have shared roughly life of my gaming life with (that is, high school upwards). Now, we’re partners in crime as I have successfully pestered him into quitting his day job and joining the roller-coaster ride which is game development.

They’re at www.flipsidegames.net.

No game titles announced yet. They mention their contract services: Full Game Development, Game Porting, Programming, Level Design, Concept Art, 3D Modelling, and Animation.

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  • great, hopefully from here some companies will start developing Online Games to take advantage of the local market rather than licensing all those Korean games.

  • And I hope they develop games that can run on Linux/BSD too!

  • *nix games? Haha. I doubt it. Walang pera dyan para sa kanila.
    Tapos kung DirectX pa ang gamit nila, lalong unlikely.

  • Wow, thanks for the mention Migs!