Fliptunes.net – the Pinoy iTunes


While Pinoys still cannot purchase songs through iTunes, there is some hope in Fliptunes.
The site features mainly local artists, and it costs P40 to download songs and P80 for videos, which approximates the same cost of iTunes.  Currently they don’t have much choices (about 20+ artists), but I hope that its developer gets into more contracts with Filipino artists.

You’ll also need a Payeasy account to pay for your downloads.  One gripe is that I couldn’t easily find a link to Payeasy at Fliptunes, so I had to resort to Google.  Be warned: entering www.payeasy.com takes you to some Taiwanese pop site which bogged down my Firefox.

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  • they should add more artists…

  • PoshNeya

    why “fliptunes”?

  • [quote]Be warned: entering http://www.payeasy.com takes you to some Taiwanese pop site which bogged down my Firefox.[/quote]

    Seems like it’s supposed to be http://www.payeasy.PH.

    PH, not com.

    The domain’s different.

    Oh, and about Firefox. Opera 9’s safer and faster.

  • Wow, cool! Amazing.

  • Maybe they plan to flip it to another company or investors.

  • I hate the name and why wma? Good try.

  • nee

    well yah i guess flip serves az a slang for filipino..20 artists??yah sure bout that?there’s a lot more than 20