Flower Power

Does your digital camera have the flower power button? If you do have the flower button, then you may now proceed taking macro shots. Below is a sample of a macro shot that I took just this afternoon using Canon PowerShot A95.

Macro shot

What is a macro shot? A macro shot is a photograph of small objects. You may have noticed that the image you took came out as blurry when you attempted to take a picture of your favorite action figure without pressing first the macro button on. But when you press the macro button on and you half-press the shutter to focus it, you will notice that your subject will come out as sharp. However, pressing the macro button on is not enough. You should consider your distance from the subject as well.

Before proceeding in taking macro shots (especially for those using digital cameras with built-in flash), remember to turn off your flash. You would not want your subject to appear like Snow White. Also, you may not want to scare off a butterfly with your flash which would rather result to an almost-macroriffic shot that would certainly ruin your day.

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  • Ahh. Very useful information for the digital camera newbies. I’m new to digital cameras myself and this will certainly help when I photo the beautiful flowers for my blog.

  • i’m a newbie using digicam.
    thanks for the info.
    it will help me a lot.