Fobo Wireless Tag: Personal Belongings Security Tag

If you’re like millions of people who’ve at one point left either a bag or other belongings inside a cab, hotel or plane, you know how hassle it is and sometimes, there’s even a chance that you might not recover your left item again. Forever. Sounds bad? Well, you might need one of these Bluetooth tags.


We’ve been using Fobo tag for some time now to test how it works and it was effective in reminding us of our belongings. It’s a small circular device that can fit in your bag. What it does is by using Bluetooth technology, your device is connected to the Fobo and they communicate constantly. It can:

– Sound an alarm when the Fobo tag is out of range. (E.g. when you leave your laptop bag inside the coffee shop, your phone will sound off an alarm)

– Help you look for your personal belongings (E.g. If you use it as a key chain, you can use the “find me” function and the Fobo tag app on your phone will tell you if you are getting nearer.)

– When someone moves an item where your Fobo tag is, your phone will sound off an alarm. (Ex: You’re manning a booth in a fair and you put it inside your bag. Once someone touches and with the slightest¬†move of your bag, it will trigger the alarm.)

There are also other features like SOS but we haven’t tried it yet. In case it gets disconnected with your device, by accessing the app, it will give you the last location information available when the Fobo tag is connected with your device.

Nifty gadget, huh?

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