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For P50 a day, PLDT can give you unlimited internet and a netbook

A couple of days ago, we asked you guys what you can get for P50 when you walk into an IT shop. Most of you replied a card reader but what if you’ve known you can get an unlimited internet and a netbook for just P50 per day?


There’s this new promo called PLDT Duplex which gives subscribers an internet connection and a netbook for only P50 a day. Not much details yet but so far here’s what we know:

  • P999 Canopy or Wimax + 500¬† = P1,499 for Neo Netbook
  • P999 Canopy or Wimax + 800 = P1,799 for Acer Netbook

See that bundle with Neo Netbook? You only need to shell out P50 a day to avail of a netbook and unlimited internet. You only need to sacrifice that McDonald’s Super Saver snack to get this. Or it will replace your daily internet shop expenses.

We’re still in the dark however, as to what specs the netbooks will come in or what the lock-in period will be but we’ll keep you posted once we get more details. It would be a nice setup though for students staying in dorms and relying on internet shop for their internet.

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  • Dennis

    Wow! I like that.

  • Waiting for the specs..

  • felix

    Good day I would to know if the the promo is still avaible cause i would like to avil one of this promo.thank more power your compliance is highky appreciated.