ForeScout CounterACT is a hassle-free NAC for your organization

Most IT administrators know that to have a secure network, firewalls, proxies or spam filters are not enough to prevent threats. They work great against outside threats but what about those coming from the inside?

It’s not that your employees are bent on wreaking havoc on your network. Sometimes, they’re just the curious type who wants to sniff your network for shared folders or somebody who unknowingly plugged in a harmful USB stick that slowed down the whole network. I’m sure that problem is something that your network administrator also has to worry about.


ForeScout CounterACT is a Network Access Control solution that lets you see and control everything on your network”“all devices, all operating systems, all applications, all users.  This includes external drives connected to a PC on a network as well as smartphones or outside laptops introduced into the network. With a number of policies you can implement, you can block such devices or sandbox them so as to limit access to the network.

What’s nice about ForeScout CounterACT is that it’s brand agnostic making it an affordable solution even if you already have an infrastructure in place. It doesn’t rely on a particular brand of routers or switches or what have you, it can play nicely with every brands. Speaking of affordable, ForeScout claims that their CounterACT platform can save you 50% more against leading network brands out there. Yes, we’re talking about the big “C”.

Another good thing with ForeScout CounterAct is that it includes everything in a single appliance. No software to install , nothing to configure into client machines. Built-in integration lets you leverage your existing infrastructure including directory, switches, endpoint security systems, patch management systems, ticketing systems and reporting systems. This simple set up makes deployment quick and hassle-free that even your standard IT people can figure it out in a short while.

ForeScout CounterACT focuses on key industries that include defense, financial, local and federal government sector, enterprise, medical, and educational verticals. In fact, one of the biggest banking institution in the country recently adopted this platform.

According to Marc Fernandez, ForeScout Regional Vice President for Sales-Asia Pacific, many of their customers have seen real reductions in their cost of managing the network by implementing automated control mechanisms with ForeScout.

“We have helped them automate the end-point compliance and risk mitigation by constantly scanning the network for policy violations and security gaps,” he said. “We have also helped in providing complete visibility into the types of devices or applications that are connecting to their networks, avoiding the risk of threats that may infect their entire network.”


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  • Vin Lu

    Wow! a tool that gives IT a complete visibility on whose accessing the network? This must be something…

    This will surely take back control to the IT people.

  • Vin Lu

    Hurray to ForeScout! It’s now time to take back the control to the IT People!!!