FORTINET, the leading security security appliance in the UTM arena just launched their wireless access points.

The FortiAP-210 and FortiAP-220, both are 802.11n standard, are designed to provide wireless networking access for mid-enterprise and service-provider customers with a total user-base or distributed networks of  up to 5,000 users.  What’s good about this access points is if your network has already Fortigate UTM installed, and its Forti OS has the latest version, then you can use it as your wireless controller. Great cost savings. No need to purchase additional device which will control the access points.

Lets wait and see how this development will be accepted by the local market.  Local prices are still TBD.  We don’t know however how is Cisco and Colubris are taking this update.

FORTINET is only available to enterprise accounts and is locally distributed by Lamco International and MSI. Colubris was bought by HP Procurve in 2008 primarily to compete with Cisco’s Aironet. With the additional kid on the block the market has new choice now.

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  • Wow this is nice wire less router.