Foxconn re-introduces itself to the local market

On motherboards, what brand quickly comes into your mind? ASUS? ECS? Gigabyte? MSI? How about Foxconn? It’s a relatively unpopular brand of motherboard here in the country but the company aims to change that with the introduction of new motherboards as well as chassis and nettops.


They were part of the typical Gilmore price list a few years back but decided to lay low in the past couple of years. Now they are back again but the question is, how good is a Foxconn motherboard?

We got no Foxconn motherboard reviews on this post but here’s a trivia, what does the iPhone, iPad, PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, Kindle and Nokie mobile phones have in common? Foxconn has a hand in manufacturing those popular devices. That tells you how much these top companies trust Foxconn. Oh, we heard that Foxconn is one of the top motherboard brands (if not the number 1) in Indonesia.

So next time you’re shopping for a motherboard, you don’t have to dismiss Foxconn as a possible brand. They play both fences of the motherboard game catering to both Intel and AMD processors and their goal to gain market share is by giving you the best quality with the lowest price (H55 Series for the Core i7 and i5).

Makes me feel better for having a Foxconn motherboard on my 3-year old rig without me consciously picking it during assembly.

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  • Foxconn is no pushover when it comes to motherboards. I think a lot of branded PCs for many years have been using Foxconn mobos. I remember about six years back, when I pried open an IBM desktop PC in the office to add more RAM, I was surprised to see “Foxconn” printed on the mobo. I thought then that most OEM motherboards were Asus, and at the time I was at a loss who Foxconn was since they did not sell motherboards for end users at the time (I think).

    • nice. so it’s a good thing that they’re bringing their price down so they can really compete with popular brands huh. good to know.

  • Hunts

    I have a Foxconn 915P7MH-S that’s still kicking hard.