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Frederique Constant launches First Classical Horological Smartwatch in the World

If ever you’re in the market for a smart watch, there are a lot of options out there. If you want one that is classy, posh and Swiss, choices will be close to none because to date, only Frederique Constant offers one.

With headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, a place famous for quality made Swiss watches, the family who started this brand is deeply passionate with watches, with their goal providing high quality Swiss watches at sensible prices. Several Swiss brands already announced that they are coming up with smart watches but to date, only Frederique Constant has produced a working model, making it the world’s first horological smart watch.


MMT-285 quartz caliber, powered by MotionX functions
2-years battery life
Silver dial with hand-applied indexes
Genuine leather strap
Available in: polished rose gold stainless steel or polished stainless steel

Water-resistant to 5 ATM
Sleep tracking (Sleep cycle monitoring)
Motion tracking via MotionX
Activity reminder (Smart coach)


Frederique Constant partnered with Fullpower, creators of MotionX which is also used in Nike Plus and Jawbone to create the software aspect of this smart watch. The app will be available in both iOS and Android. Fullpower will also be the one responsible for the updates and this smart watch differentiates itself from other smart watches by having a “œremovable module” which prevents the watch to be outdated easily. For new features, you just need to buy the new module and your watch would now be updated again. For software updates, it would come from their cloud servers, to your mobile phone (iOS/Android) then your phone will update the watch wirelessly.
There is no need to connect the phone to the watch to get data as it communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth. Also, the watch itself displays the immediate data you would need. Smart coaching is a good feature as well because it tracks from inactivity and alerts you from time to time with a beep coming from the watch informing you to stand by, preventing a sedentary lifestyle. Other than being water resistant so you can use it when swimming, the battery life is the best thing about this as it can last for up to 2 years! Not even the Misfit Shine can last that long.
We’ll tell you more on this after we get to review the actual watch. Suggested retail price for the Philippine market is around 60,000 pesos.


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