Free apps from BitDefender to celebrate Safer Internet Day

Yesterday, Feb. 8, was the 8th edition of Safer Internet Day. That’s trivia for you. And if you’re still frequently experiencing pesky problems with malwares, trojans and phishing sites, BitDefender is offering these free apps to help you.


Safego is a free security application to protect the profiles of Facebook users against links that lead to malicious websites, spam, phishing and other e- threats. The application can be added to any users’ profiles from the Safego Facebook application page.


Many Internet surfers find new programs and applications to download to their computer, and BitDefender has created VirusGuard to protect users from any downloads containing malware. virusguardVirusGuard, which analyzes all torrent files to ensure they are free of malware, is available in the new BitTorrent App Studio. Virus Guard operates as an independent security application easily integrated into BitTorrent and uTorrent clients to scan the download once complete.



QuickScan is an advanced online tool to detect malware running on users’ computers. This tool, which includes new features to keep users safe and offers easy-to-understand information about popular e-threats on its new website, is a more user-friendly alternative compared to traditional scanning systems online. QuickScan can be accessed by visiting the QuickScan product page.

These apps were made by BitDefender to celebrate Safer Internet Day and to help users navigate the Internet safely, without getting charged additional fees. If you feel that your current antivirus is inadequate, give these tools a try as they can run in conjunction with your existing antivirus.

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  • Ran Hensel

    I’m glad there are corporations who look behind money and value personal gain of their customers. Way to go BitDefender!