Free Domains is giving free access to domains. This is not a forwarding service like .TK. They will point the domain to your hosting company’s nameservers. You need a hosting service or a server of your own. The terms include: the site should be related to the domain name.

They started with domain names related to open source. One of their domains was, now owned by Matt Mullenweg of WordPress, Inc.

I applied and was granted for open source Java content. I set it up at my co-branded reseller account at ploghost. (I don’t actually resell – I just host a bunch of projects.)

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  • do you know if they would require you to put up their (or a sponsor’s) name on the page? walang catch (other than the name condition which is actually logical naman)?

  • Yes, that’s another term – link up to them. The biggest catch which they don’t mention is that while there is no contract when granting you the domain.

  • so, in effect, they still own the domain? hmmm…

  • Yep – we still own the domains – only to make sure the Terms have followed. We have transfered domains to OpenDomain users that have followed the terms for a set period. There is no guarantee, but if you can support using a domain, we may choose you!
    The link is just to spread the word about OpenDomain – we are not for profit.