Free Stock photos from Stock.XCHNG

I just recently heard of the term stock photography. These are photos that can be used and reused for commercial design purposes. Most of the sites that offer them charge users before they can use the photos.

I chanced upon a site that offers free stock photos. The site which was designed by Hungarians is called Stock.XCHNG. What makes it interesting is that you can search photos from around the world, by different categories.

I searched for users from the Philippines and there were quite a lot of Filipinos (more than a 100) sharing their photos to the world.
So next time you need a nice wallpaper, here is one site you can try out.

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  • wrencelot

    now this site is pretty f*cked up, pinoytechblog i mean.. 2 same post with 2 same comments boxes in one page.. hehe..

    try visiting its a site where users deposit their usename and password so others can use them.. try putting in the URL of one of these stock photos site and you might get lucky to have a registered-paying-user’s username and password..i know i did, hekhekhek..