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Free text messaging solution for your organization

Text messaging has become the easiest way to interact with people. From the business perspective, it’s an easy way to communicate with your customers. Television networks, radio stations and even religious organizations have been maximizing the 4-numbered, easy to remember text access codes to interact with their viewers, listeners and members.

With this in mind, I have been thinking of using the same service to an organization I’m part of for easy communication to members and potential recipients of our services. On the other hand, there isn’t really an out-of-the-box, cheap solution available. Txtjock.com was introduced to me by a friend of mine who works in a radio station. Unfortunately, txtjock must have been designed to work for high-volume, always online organizations like TV and radio stations.

Just recently, we came across a newly launched service by the guys at FingerApps Txtmokko.com. It’s a free service for organizations, even for individuals. You or your organization get a unique key word where your clients or members can text with their message using a network access number. You then receive the message through the web or email and reply to the message for free. There’s a bunch of possible usage for this service that any organization can maximize. We recently implemented this. So far, so cool! 😉

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  • sounds good!

    Was wondering about the business model. The business simply gets a share of the P1 for each message sent. How big kaya yung share nila.

    Hope TxTMokko is doing fine with revenues.

    Looks like a good solution to many businesses/organizations.

  • In the case of this service, the “business”, which as I understand you is “us”, does not get a P1 share — that is, from the business perspective, if we don’t opt to use the “free” reply option. So, in that case, they get the entire share minus that of the telco.

    I’ve been in constant communication with the developers. And I can see great potentials and improvement in the future.

  • PoshNeya

    nice project, but i cant activate it right now.

  • wrencelot

    their tagline ‘para ka na ring artista’ dsnt give much appeal, for businesses i mean.. if they want to really survive with this kind of business offering, they should strategize in making their market more inclined to businesses, unless they just want to be one of those so called “fad”

  • The official provider of Txtmokko is MegaMobile Inc (content/service provider) which is a partner of FingerApps Inc (technology/platform provider). FingerApps Inc and Megamobile is also the partner of MyAyala (e-commerce/m-commerce) which fits the picture why Txtmokko was aimed to helping organizations since its one of MyAyala’s thrusts.

  • anastacioboymartirez

    looks interesting from where im sitting. Platform works fine. send message to “godie” –> msg godie

  • Posh you can post you activation problems on the forums and it will activated for free: http://www.txtmokko.com/?q=node/101

  • Sorry but txtmokko.com has been discontinued in favor of Txtdomain.com which is NOT FREE. It’s now more advance which includes polls, broadcasting (spam), raffles and much more.