Fruitcast – Advertising for podcasts

With the increasing number of people listening to podcasts, FortyMedia indtroduced Fruitcast, a new great online service for podcasters and advertisers which coincides the idea behind Google’s AdSense Program.

The media and program itself helps podcasters monetize their show, make money with podcasting by Fruitcast’s Automatic Ad Insertion (adding the advertisements on the fly together with the podcast). Fruitcast basically works just like Google’s Adsense, but because of the problematic/labor-intensive thing when inserting ads each time podcasters publish an episode, they find it frustrating, even google’s AdSense can’t penetrate directly into podcasts and even working out a deal from advertisers is just a hassle. That’s why the simple solution of FortyMedia’s Fruitcast is to automatically insert the ads either at the beginning or ending of the podcast publisher.

The workflow is also simple, each time the user/podcast listener downloads the podcast file (mp3 audio file) from the podcast publisher’s feed, Fruitcast checks and see if the podcast file have any existing ads included, after the confirmation, fruitcast will automatically add the ads into the podcast file if no ads were already assigned or detected before the user downloads the file, advertisers will then be charged for a certain amount each time the ads run, part of that will be credited to the podcaster.

Fruitcast is paying out on a per-download basis. Once up and running, podcasters can expect to receive $0.25 – $0.50 per listener. According to the site’s FAQ, they’ll be sending checks to all podcasters with a total account balance of $30 or more. Very Interesting.

I just hope the premise behind Fruitcast will predominantly benefit users who’s inline with relevant ads.

To participate with the Fruitcast service, podcast publishers can visit Fruitcast for Podcasters, advertisers can visit Fruitcast for Advertisers. I’m sure google will be eyeing on this. ;D

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