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FTC Launches Tech Blog


The FTC just launched its own tech blog, Tech-ade. Rhymes with decade. Yeah, bad pun, but still a half-decent blog.

This would be great for the Philippines’ Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT), especially in a nation of natural social media adopters. Unlike the Philippine government’s main site, the CICT site runs on PHP, making it easily WordPress-capable. That’s the same free, user-friendly software which powers Pinoy Tech Blog. Former Commissioner Dondi Mapa was on to something with his personal blog; the CICT could easily take that to the next level.

If the US government can do it, and lone Filipino entrepreneurs can do it, why not the Philippine government’s IT commission?

Asking why you should use blogs is like asking why you should use the phone.Dave Winer.

(Via Steve Rubel.)

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