Fujifilm X-E3 with 18-55mm kit lens sells for PHP 72,990 in the Philippines
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Take Professional-Level Artistic Photographs with the Fujifilm X-E3

Sometimes, a camera needs to satisfy, not just a photographer, but also a curator. This is where the Fujifilm X-E3 steps in, touted for its ability to take photos packed with artistry.

Artists like Fujifilm endorser James Reid benefit from using an X-E3 thanks to its ultra-compact build, and new rangefinder style. This means, that anyone can take the X-E3 anywhere, in almost any whether. Furthermore, it also employs the latest imaging technology, with an X-Trans CMOS III sensor and a powerful X-Processor Pro. Not only that, but these internal specs result in world-class color reproduction, 4k recording, and accurate image quality.

For James Reid, however, he’s most drawn to the beginner-friendly touchscreen feature. The X-E3 is built with a rear LCD touchscreen. Basically, this makes it easier for user to zoom in and out of a photo.

‘The biggest thing I’ve noticed is the fact that there’s no D-Pad. This is a step towards to the future of cameras. It’s all touchscreen now. It has less buttons, less confusing. It’s more intuitive, just swipe up and up,’
James Reid
Actor/Celebrity Endorser

Available in silver and black variants, Fujifilm X-E3 retails for PHP 50,900. For the 23mm kit, the price elevates to PHP 64,990. Lastly, for the 18-55mm kit, the X-E3 will sell for PHP 72,990. These modelsare currently available at authorized Fuji and Fujifilm dealers nationwide.

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