Fujitsu Lifebook 2013 concept puts all your devices in one neat package

We’ve previewed the Asus Padfone before which is a tablet powered by a removable smartphone, a nice novel idea at that time. However, this Fujitsu Lifebook concept design by Prashat Chandra takes that modular idea into the next couple of levels.


The Lifebook 2013 is a modular device combining a smartphone/music player, a tablet and a camera in a laptop shell that houses everything. Everything is synced together once docked so no matter what device you’re on (phone or tablet), you will have access to the same data. The laptop part acts as a charging and sync dock and an extended display.

Check out the full concept idea.


Looks like the heart of the system is the tablet which acts as a touchscreen keyboard (or digitizer) when docked. And with current tablet technology, it’s going to look like a laptop with a netbook’s power. That high-res display might render tablets of today gasping for more power.


The design looks really nice but I’m not a fan of touchscreen keyboard on a laptop although having everything in one neat package is really nice. There’s also the OS of choice that should be running on this sort of laptop. The obvious choices that come to mind is Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich and Windows 8.

Anyway, it’s just a concept that may not fly this year or the next. Looks really cool though. What do you think?

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  • joey

    cool and neat… but doesn’t reduce the burden of carrying it… 🙂

  • JmBalicano

    Oh man… If that thing retails for 50k, I am so buying it! Wishful thinking of course. It would probably sell for 150k..

  • Onnie

    I’d love to see Windows 8 on that thing. Imagine being able to carry your tablet as PC extension then plug it on the laptop when high power processing is needed.

  • Griswold

    Looks really good. I wonder how much it will cost. laptop/phone/tablet/camera combined… hmmm 100k?

  • T. Logan

    Wow! Now that’s a true “lifebook”. You virtually have your life in it. Hehe..

    • hehe and if you lose it? say goodbye to life. hehehe. 😛

      • Cool


  • Carl

    puking rainbows…

  • Carl

    I-feature mo rin Calv yung concept phone ng BB –

    again.. I’m drooling haha

  • Poldo

    Epic! f*cking EPIC!