Future Pinoy A-lister

The hush hush set-up of a new blog network headed by Darren of Problogger, Jeremy of Ensight and Duncan of Weblog Empire leaked out some weeks ago. Thanks to guys who took matters on their own hands by using the right keywords on google.

Anyway, one of the guys who signed up early on is *drum rolls* Filipino!

“I’ve always taken a keen interest in mobile devices, and have attributed this start with mobile phones. You see, I come from a country that’s known to be the SMS capital of the world with billions of pesos in revenue from SMS alone per day from our three telcos. Having a passion for gadgets and a love for writing helped me land a stint with a bunch of friends to start what is now the largest magazine for mobile technology, m|ph: mobile philippines. We also have a blog running with daily updates.”

Jayvee Fernandez will be resident blogger/editor for b5.media‘s CELLPHONE9 blog.

Methinks he could be the Philippines’ first A-lister ­čÖé

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  • is PTB going to be a part of a blog network? now that would be a really great idea.

  • I think he’s one of the Editors of magazine m|ph.

  • I think the “pros” are becoming bloggers.

  • Andre


  • wow, somehow the links led me back here – thanks guys for the very positive feedback ­čÖé

    ill link you guys up to c9 site when i get some free time on my hands. do keep in touch, mabuhay!

  • jayvee, kudos!!! and my hat off to you. i heard(not from a wiretapped conversation, dont worry) that you’ll be asked for a courtesy visit at the malaca├â┬▒ang for this?

    mabuhay philippines.

  • nice, pls teach me how to create this blog. thanks! God bless!

  • Jayvee?

    Abe pa rin!!