G-Cash goes STK

I received word from a friend that Globe has implemented a SIM Tool Kit (STK) service for G-Cash.

For the past year since G-Cash was launched in October 2004, the G-Cash service made use of SMS to conduct transactions. This required subscribers to input keywords in the correct format and send it to a specific number. It is rather simple, especially for text-savvy Pinoys.

With the introduction of the G-Cash STK menu, keywords are no longer needed. The STK is a menu-driven service where transactions are conducted by selecting options that appear on the mobile phone’s display.

I gave it a try this morning on my Globe SIM. I couldn’t find the G-Cash menu on my STK. I will post an update if and when I get the G-Cash STK menu to work. I’m thinking it might need to be activated first.

In the meantime, G-Cash transactions via SMS is still available.

In comparison, Smart Money’s transactions are mostly conducted through the STK. The only Smart Money transactions I know of that use SMS are purchases at SM. (But that might change soon. Watch out for my next article, Tuesday next week.)

ka edong

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  • freeflow

    gcash is in globe svcs+ > myglobe > what’s hot.

  • Sherwin

    The G-Cash SIM menu is only available on the X-treme Memory (Prepaid), 128XL (Prepaid), 128k Opti-SIM and G-Plan X-treme (Postpaid) SIMs. Unfortunately, it’s not available on the old Hi-Mem or GlobeXplore SIMs.