Gadget Shopping in Manila

A reader sent us an email asking for nice shopping spots for the gadget geeks here in Manila:

I´m going to the Philippines next week and I wonder if you could give me with tips regarding electronics shopping? Where to go? Where can I find the new iPod Video in Manila? Any specific shopping malls etc?

I would really appreciate all help. Thanks in advance.

/Martin (in cold and snowy Sweden)

To Martin, you may want to check out the CyberZone at the Megamall in Mandaluyong. It’s on the 4th floor of building B. There’s another one called Digital Exchange at the 3rd floor of Glorietta 3 at Ayala, Makati. Another one would be the Cybermall in Eastwood City, Libis (QC).

The iPod (video) is widely available now on all major gadget stores like Electroworld, Abesons, Villman, etc. They cost about Php20,900 right now.

Any additional tips you guys want to add?

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  • minor

    if youre brave enough Martin go to Raon(Joke Only)

  • Isn’t it cheaper in Sweden?

  • if i were him, i would open up an account with (its free btw) so i can access my videos, mp3, pictures, and yes even watch teevee on my gprs enabled smart phone (if i have one). it works because i tried STREAMING my multimedia at my office computer from my home pc using a browser..

  • ghigs

    Do visit AVANT located near Powerbooks, Greenbelt 3 in Makati if you are planning to do electronic shopping when you come here in Manila.

  • Leventhal

    HongKong visitors go Sham Shui Po so I don’t find any reason why tourists here shouldn’t try Raon or even Mall 168.

    • I’ve been to Mall 168. It’s pretty cool for me to find cool gadgets though I feel sad when the stuffs I see there are mostly class A. 🙁

      • Krampot

        Yes in 168 there’s plenty of Class A Gadgets but of course if you want Original you won’t go there. LOL

  • try park square one, located near glorietta 1 and SM makati. 🙂

  • two of my fav places to shop: Greenhills (shopesville, carpark 2, theater mall, soon the new virramall) and gilmore (well, its the nearest place to go buy pc parts on my part), i heard hidalgo or something in quiapo has some good digital cameras at low price.

  • ok din i think sa cybermall in libis, and cyber something on 4th floor of megamall, sa glorietta has one too, i forgot the name its on the top floor, sponsored by globe.

  • you could check out parksquare here in makati
    but avant (owned by abenson) rocks 😀
    and you could also check out the recently renovated automatic center in glorietta 4
    just near choices 🙂

  • mparaz wrote » Isn’t it cheaper in Sweden?

    We’re closer to Taiwan and China. I’d be surprised if Sweden has cheaper electronics.

    ka edong

  • a photographer friend of mine, told me about a store in Quiapo where you could get cameras at low prices but i forgot the name of the store. hehe

  • You’re right ka edong… we may be more expensive than US, but may be cheaper than Europe where they have higher shipping and higher taxes as well.

    For the digital camera store: it’s mentioned in the ph-photo lists and the like. Calling Abe, Markku, Connie… ! Hidalgo St. is the general area in Quiapo. But is it safe for a white guy to go roaming around there?

  • budda

    is there any places where I can buy WiFi VOIP handy phone in Manila ?

  • Are DSLRs are also sold in Quiapo? Hidalgo St.,? How about lenses (which sometimes costs more than the body)? Hmmm point and shoot na lang muna.

  • Read from T3 mag about AVANT in AYala. I’ve posted it on my blog – ( I’m planning to drop by and take a look.

  • Leventhal


    Why not just go to any Abenson? They’re the same company as AVANT. Putting up AVANT just gives them the right to jack up prices for those willing to pay jacked-up prices.

  • Or Electroworld.

    But I disagree. That’s the essence of capitalism. They should be able to charge what their market can bear. People in the know, go elsewhere.

  • @leventhal

    Hm.. why not? Well, you can. I was just curious about AVANT abenson. From the way it’s marketed, it seems to be positioned as a GADGET store. The other ABensons seemt to be more like Appliance centers in my mind.

  • Mary

    I think Abenson’s AVANT is cool.

    As opposed to common perception, the prices there aren’t jacked up. It just contains a more comprehensive inventory of gadgets, ranging from uber high end to the ones your regular Joe can afford.

    I like AVANT because that is where I got my fax machine, which was on sale during the time. It was at an affordable P3,000.

    Abenson is ok, but it’s more about appliances than it is about gadgets. And while I love going there on a Sunday to buy things for my new apartment, it doesn’t have as much gadgets as AVANT.

  • Hey tis the season to be spending again…

    I walk past Avant regularly. I don’t go in since I’m not into AV gear (I think that’s why it’s called AVant?)

  • joseph

    can som1 tell me where in quiapo/Raon i could buy digital camera? coz prices in mall/greenhilss/abenson, is 30% higher, than in or in other ebaysites. tnx

  • if i were him, i would open up an account with (its free btw) so i can access my videos, mp3, pictures, and yes even watch teevee on my gprs enabled smart phone (if i have one). it works because i tried STREAMING my multimedia at my office computer from my home pc using a browser..

    You will know where is the ipod cheaper in the Globe!!!!

  • sabinya sabiko

    Hmm.. we recently got a laptop from avant abenson and their price was just the same suggested price from the laptop’s manufacturer…

    oh.. and i’m not loving the laptop now btw, vista’s fault, not avant’s. 🙁

  • ranz

    where i can buy zune 30gb or zune 80gb???

  • Letty

    hi, can you help me? I want to buy a canon digicam and I would like to know where I could buy a cheaper price?

  • eki123

    try to search mall in at your area where u can buy digicam at the nearest shop and cheapeast price.

  • misty

    I wonder if anybody could suggest where to buy an Asian version of PS3 80GB. I’ve been checking out several stores i know but mostly tells me its out of stock. Units on Ebay most likely not to have any warranty period so i guess stores would be better. Tnx a lot, i would appreciate any help.

  • lizabeth

    To all shoppers:
    Beware of Rolland Coolman and the skymobile world, inc.. They are fraud, cheats.. they’ll require you to pay thru western union and will not deliver… worst, they keep on asking for more money and will just disappear.SCAMMERS!!!

  • weng

    hello! does anyone here knows where in the philippines i can buy rex electronic watchdog? thank you.

  • —-

    hi, do you know if there are any shops here in manila that do repairs on the nintendo wii?

  • pauline

    I will not recommend Villman, especially the branch in gateway. I had a very very bad experience there.

  • Euphraim Ortega

    Have you seen Gadgettree? What do you think of their products? They have lots of very interesting stuff there.

  • Euphraim Ortega


    Have you seen Gadgettree at Trinoma or Greenbelt 5? What do you think of their products?


  • Michael Kim

    do you know where i could buy iPod Video parts such as audio jacks..?

  • lhouie

    where can i buy a charger for my hp compaq presario c300?

  • lhouie

    where can i buy hp compaq presario charger?

  • pyrus

    For the european foreigner, most of the electronic and for sure all the camera equipement is more expensive thatn in europe.

    Yep to bad, close from hong kong but big custom tax….

  • wweij


    you can buy laptop adaptor or any laptop accessories at
    DigiKing, 2nd Floor Robinsons Forum (Robinsons Place Pioneer) Edsa Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

  • BCT

    is there any mall or department store that only sell IT products like the Funan in Singapore or Sham Shui Po in HK or the Fry’s Electronics in California?

  • Try the Cyberzones in SM Megamall Bldg B or SM North Edsa Annex. The one at SM North Edsa is bigger. It’s not exactly like Funan but close.

  • Lrae

    Hi guys, anyone knows where to buy ks0108 lcd display?

  • sally29

    hi there!
    …can you tell me where to buy talking electronic dictionary gadget? an english-tagalog one?…i’ve seen koreans using english-korean gadgets that they bought fr korea. hope we have something like that in the Phils….thanks!

  • Jun

    see if theres a good place to buy here
    just check it out.

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  • Lani Villanueva

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