Gadgetless Travel

Can we survive gadgetless travel?

Recent developments in terrorist tactics may force drastic changes in our travel habbits.

Gadgetless air travel has already started in the UK and some European countries. This may soon spread to the United States and may even find its way here.

And why stop there? The same security reason for banning gadgets in flights can be applied, with more reason, on vessels and even on long bus trips.

Gadgetless travel will soon be the rule than the exemption.

Personally, I will have a hard time to adjust.

Just take a possible celphone ban as an example. On such trips, we rely on celphones, at the very least, to ensure that someone will be there when we arrive at our destination.

And how will we pass the time on these long trips? We hate wasting time so we churn away at our laptops. We beat boredom by playing video games, surfing the web and listening to personal music on our personal music players. Just imagine the effects on long journeys.

So can we change our gadget travel habbits? I think we have to because the alternative is simply unacceptable.

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  • I will not last a day without checking mail and turning on my laptop. I think I won’t be able to change my travel habits from that. This sucks. Damn terrorists.

  • vmyap

    hey how about, no shampoo, soap and anything the same on carry on bags? It is reported that the terrorist will be using them as bombs, now they are banning them on carry on bags.

    on the topic: I won’t survive without my moms laptop hehe. I currently don’t own one kasi and if they include Mp3 players, damn I won’t really survive.

  • I can manage without gadgets on a plane. I think people hype too much about it. We used to travel without MP3s and without mobile phones on planes.

    But my worry is that we have to check in the laptop. Work requires me to travel with a laptop. What’s my assurance that it’ll be intact when I arrive? Or worse, what’s my assurance that it won’t get stolen?

  • Some tips and a suggestion here. Laptops are fragile. I hope more of ’em were made like ThinkPads and ToughBooks.

  • Fargo
    will it helps?

  • rom

    well, if boredom whilst waiting is a problem, bring a book. 🙂

    notebooks/laptops should not be checked-in. i think the best way to do this is to LOCK the checked-in baggage and only let passengers get it when disembarking. 🙂

  • pinayexpat

    I travel 25-35x per year. Half the time, I need to fly more than 8 hours. And for the past 6 years that I have been doing this, I have always used the time to be productive so I really cannot imagine how I can adjust to this gadget-less travel, should it continue.

    Here in Europe, there are news of a complete ban of laptops, not just because of the terrorist threat but also because of the “exploding batteries” issue.

    In any case, mahirap ito sa mga pinoy na mahilig mag cram sa eroplano!