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Galactic Inbox: An HTML5 game inspired by Gmail


Are you a Google fan? Or you are subscribed to a number of Google services like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps and the like? I am! Ever since Gmail started its service, I liked it better than Yahoo mail and switched immediately and after that, the rest is history so to speak.

This morning I saw one funny wall post over at Gmail Facebook page created by Paul Truong, a Creative Consultant at Google. Its called Galactic Inbox: An HTML5 game inspired by Gmail.

He said and I quote “I felt a little celebration of how far we’ve come was in order, so I wrote a little HTML5 game, in part as a “thank you” to the Gmail team for their ongoing work to improve the webmail galaxy”. If you have Gmail, you will notice that it has new look now, the Task and Contacts are tucked in the upper right sidebar of your screen.

The Galactic Inbox requires HTML5 enable browsers though. So check first if your browser can run the game. Its quite easy to play, here’s the quick instructions.


Play the game here.

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