Game Boy Micro Debuts

Game Boy Micro

Game Boy Micro, the world’s smallest game console, made its debut in Japan. The phone-sized console carried a price tag of $110 (12,000 yen) and will initially be available in black with white consoles introduced within a week. The Micro have an adjustable screen brightness levels and weights about 80 grams.

Nintendo, the makers of Game Boy Micro, is targeting young adult consumers aging 25 to 35. The Micro, they said, is their new attempt at drawing new and returning players .

The company aims to expand the gaming population, and with the Micro it wants to attract adult players, especially those who used to play games but stopped because they got busy or for other reasons. Adults have different budgets (from kids).

Still playing with your cellphone? Get a Game Boy Micro and have fun playing real games.

Via CNN Technology

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  • Rhea

    is it available in Manila now? guess not yet. would anyone know how much it would be introduced?

  • the best part is they will also be selling them in nostagia-inducing famicom controller-like cases


  • martin

    i want it… where in the philippines can i buy it? i want the silver micro with a black face. thanks.