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Game Development in the Philippines: An Interview

Gabby Dizon, who’s into game development and outsourcing, has a good interview at PinoyPC. He talks about the challenges of outsourcing gaming to the Philippines, and his interesting partners.

His current project with Hyboreal Games has no description yet, but it looks like dystopic science fiction to me.

We featured his company FlipSide Games earlier.

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  • Ren

    how i wish pinoy game developers could come up with a game similar to age-of-empire/civilization wherein the setting is the Philippines in the year 1521, the day we are “discovered” by magellan. to combat piracy, the cd is free but you have to login to a service provider like what’s level up is doing in order to download patches to fully run the software. of course, it’s an on-line game. also, player could opt to buy his nobility like subscribing for a title like king, nobleman or simply just a citizen.
    from 1521 you can create your own kingdom, upgrading your technology until you reach the present time…yeah, that would be nice!

  • bonjo

    One thing i noticed about games whose company (originating or partner) is from the Philippines is that they can really implement strict laws. For e.g. the Anino Entertainment guys who made the Anito game. Feedbacks from my sources tell me that Pirated Software vendors avoid selling these as surely they will get tipped off and eventually be raided. specially on those months that they initially released the game. this should boost our filipino developers confidence. we don’t have to worry about international market though specially Europe and US where Intellectual property rights are strict.

  • Interesting ideas. I look forward to playing a Pinoy-made game.

  • Hi

    I would rather make a movie about it… Making sure to create a lot of mysteries for Magellan and his men and do a lot about cedeption and hatred. Not an avatar or Pocahontas ting of course…
    I also thought about a game, but using actual evolution over time is pretty difficult in one game… unless it’s with levels or something.
    What about a strategy game?
    One where you can build your fortress to help or try to defeat the fortress of Magellan. And if you are to create the later impact of foreigners on the history of the Philippines, then it can be a game like rise of nations. All the way through the colonisation and the world wars; Philippines Origins.
    Or more fantasy-like. You let them arrive in the Philippines and find themselves encountering a world that is so mysterious that they have to fight more than only humans…
    But for that you have to get into Philippine origines and very old mythologies.
    I’ll think about it some more :p

  • You may check “Bagani” an Open Movie of Pinoy Blender User Group.




  • BeyondInfinity

    nagdedevelop ako ng game sa xbox at pc. kaso nga lang madaming reqments ang marketplace. gusto ko sanang malaro ng libre ng mga pinoy ang game na gingawa ko. Sa ngayon pinoproblema ko ang pgpublish ng game. Ok lang saakin na piratahin ang game na ginagawa ko. mas mabuti nga yun hindi na kailangan ng advertisement.