Genius introduces its own media player

The Genius Media Player 100 is Genius’ own entry to the world of media players which is currently populated by Western Digital in the local market. Genius is more known for their peripherals, mice, digital photo frames and they are now venturing media player.geniusmediaplayerThe Media Player 100 is an entry-level media player which can play your typical video formats (no mkv), music and photos. It supports your external hard drive, USB flash drive or your memory cards. It only has a component connection so no HDMI for your big screen nor composite for old TV’s. This model doesn’t support HD yet and the highest resolution is 1024×576 which is ok for non-HDTV users.

Features may be a bit scarce for a media player (no HDMI hurts) but what can you really expect from an entry-level player?

One thing for sure with Genius is that they usually have tempting prices for their products. The Genius Media Player 100 is already available for Php2,590.

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