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Get a chance to win $100 a week with this IE 9 game

Microsoft created this online game called Master of the Web to promote Internet Explorer 9. They’re also giving away cash prizes to the top scorer every week. For 12 weeks, the weekly top scorer in our country will receive $100 no questions asked. The overall top scorer for the whole duration will receive the $3000 grand prize.

master of the web

The game has three parts which you must complete: catching the eggs, scrub some paintings and click the ninjas. This game was created to boost IE 9 downloads because if you want to do well with it, you need IE 9’s graphics acceleration feature. I tried playing it in Google Chrome and the game was just too slow. I also downloaded Firefox 4 and the pages won’t event display and work properly. Hmmm, HTML 5 incompatibility?

Anyway, if you’re good at these sort of games, do try it out. Remember, only Internet Explorer 9 can give you the best possible chances of winning here. And you can only install IE 9 on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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